Merry Christmas!

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Lovely pic! Merry Christmas! I wish I could share some Christmassy stuff like Bee, but I just posted FaceTime poses with a Christmas-themed sweater, lol. She’s so awesome, isn’t she? Love how Taiga met the Santa thanks to her poses! You’ve just reminded me I need to catch up on your remade chapters, not just the photos.

    1. There is a lot I’ve changed, to make the story more accurate. The first chapters were built on gameplay, the story being tuned in to a “real” story much later, so a re-do was necessary! I love Bee’s family poses, she really captures the feeling, not only the movements, and that is really difficult to achieve! You’re on your way there! 🙂

      1. I’ve been meaning to edit my old stuff for ages but I never got around to doing so. All I meant, though, was probably just changing up the sentences. They sound weird to me when I try to reread them now and I cringe too much, one of the main reasons why I haven’t done it still, lol. Yeah, I have my story to tend to, so I don’t spend as much time on poses, just make the ones for my story, mostly, and they’re pretty quick. Oh yes, Bee does it beautifully. You also have to have some really good ideas on what to make for the family stuff. Most tricky thing about poses is that they always clip into clothes if you don’t leave the gap big enough. Always bothers me.

      2. If the sim is not skinny enough, there are problems, too. I usually use the camera angle to remedy, as it happens almost all the time with Granny and Missy who are both stout elders! 🙂 I really liked your face time poses, with so many expressions. They will come in handy! It must be awesome to be able to create exactly the poses you need, I’m afraid if I put my nose into pose making, I’ll leave everything else to the side…

      3. I know, it’s problematic, too! Thank you. Yes, I’ve been thinking about remaking them into regular conversation in the future, so they’ll be more useful. Oh, yes, I fell into a hole that I can’t get out of ever since I started pose-making…

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