Too much

I have finished the old chapter where Granny and Missy goes to Iceland in search of Taïga’s father. It became an enormous chapter of 13,000 words and 131 pictures. Absolutely too much to load when you want to read. So I cut it in half… Here you are:

Part I – Chapter 56 Looking for Trouble

Part I – Chapter 57 Finding Trouble

Granny has told her sister about her discoveries, and Missy insists on accompanying her to Aurora Skies, where Granny thinks Magnus Darkling is currently living. So Taïga’s father is a full-fledged vampire, handsome as hell and just about as lethal… Will Granny succeed in protecting her granddaughter? Will Magnus agree on leaving Shasta alone? After all, why should he?

Missy has fun, ordering everything on the Internet – SPA, groceries and even tickets to the museum. It goes without saying that Granny is annoyed.

They search for Magnus everywhere. A hot air balloon is nice, but not very practical, as you can’t really rely on it to go where you intend to.

But their rented VW Beetle is not adapted to all roads…

When you can’t drive, you walk. Even in the rain.

They finally use magic, just a little, to conjure up an image of Magnus. Problem is, it is several hundred years old.

Will they really find him? The answer is in Chapter 57!



8 thoughts on “Too much

  1. Ah my witches are back awesome chapter. Both sisters despite their old ages sometimes acts like teenagers , Missy is mischievous but sometimes she acts like a children. Hmm and fortunately she won’t be catch for her magical murder lol.
    I love your story very much but I am worried about Taiga now !

    1. Two old spinsters – egotistical and a little mean. Just perfect characters to write about! I have lots of fun with them, but I really would not like to know them in real life. Not even Granny…

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