Look! I’m riding!

Bee’s wonderful “Child Riding” poses inspired me to go back in time and recreate Taïga’s first encounter with the old horse, Duke. Granny was scared, of course, the horse is immense! The horse pose with a confused Granny is from Lakeside Saddlery.

I was about four years old when I first had a ride on a real horse, a horse of the breed North Swedish Horse. It was on a great uncle’s farm, and my mom told me she had heard me hollering ‘Look! I’m riding!’ sitting bareback in what must have been a sidesplit… She was livid, she was so afraid of horses (still is) and I think she never forgave her uncle for putting me on the horse. But that was it, I never talked, dreamt or lived for anything but horses from then on. Until, I was a teen, but that’s another story!

I’ve added these pictures to an existing chapter, 01-59 Another Abandon

Just had to add a couple of poses with Valkyria and Duke, reminding me of my horse and dog’s friendship, too, in real life. You can find these poses, and many more by talented Amicia, at Daruma Fields Saddlery.

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