01-38 Alien Conspiracy – Part 1


‘Yes? Yes, it is she speaking. Who am I talking to, please?’


‘Mr Smith? Private Detective Jonah Smith?’


‘… so I’d like to meet you somewhere and talk about your “problem”…’


‘Yes… 7 p.m. at the “Lonely Literary Café”… Good… Yes, I’ll see you there. Goodbye.’


Jonah Smith is waiting for Granny, drinking his third coffee…


Jonah explains what he’s discovered since they last met…


The discussion is heated. Granny is convinced that if they find out why the pale persons wear gloves, they have the answer to their questions.


Jonah Smith doesn’t agree, he thinks there might be a connection to Bridgeport, where there are also some strange pale people associated with Bridgeport’s night life… And he can be quite convincing…


‘So, what do you think? Are you with us?’


‘… Yes… I’m in.’


They meet at Granny’s a Saturday night. Phineas Bledsoe, Jonah Smith, old Karl Schmidt and Elmer Lopez are there – John Doe is the only one missing as his wife is giving a dinner party. Missy is also part of the fun, Granny couldn’t refuse when she insisted on listening in…


The discussion is animated, Jonah Smith piles up his documents and tells them about his recent journey to Bridgeport and what he learned there, and it seems they all have something to add.


‘Can I… Would you please… HEY! LISTEN TO ME!’


Startled, everybody looks at Missy who smiles apologetically and asks: ‘Ahem… who would like some coffee?… And why don’t you just capture one of them and make him talk?’



‘I think she’s right!’ Jonah Smith adds. ‘We could stalk out the park, as we know they come there late at night.’


Everybody starts talking at once.

‘Oh no, that’s kidnapping!’

‘I believe we could do it!’

‘What if they press charges?’

‘I think we should use guns.’

‘Yes!’ Missy chirps in. ‘And we’ll knock them out and torture…’

‘Missy!’ Granny interrupts her sister. ‘You will NOT participate. N-O-T.’ Missy pouts, but doesn’t say anything more.


‘Stop! Stop! STOP!’ Phineas Bledsoe tries to calm the assembly. ‘Let’s listen to what Jonah has to say… Do you think it’s possible?’


‘Yes, I think we could pull it off…’ Jonah outlines a new plan quickly. ‘Let’s vote. Who’s against the plan?’

Elmer is the only one raising his hand, but he quickly puts it down again when he sees the look on the other’s faces.


‘So, I think it’s settled then. Any questions?’

Granny raises her hand. ‘When? When are we doing it? I think we should try as soon as possible – before Halloween.’ I don’t want to have Taïga around if something bad happens…


‘So… It sounds good to me. I’ll call John tonight. It will take some time to put up an operation like this… Let’s meet here next Thursday.’


The following Thursday…

‘You can’t be serious? We said camouflage! And what’s that? A scarf?’ Elmer is outraged by Phineas outfit.


‘And what’s wrong with my scarf?’

Elmer snickers: ‘Nothing – if you’re going to a “soirée”…’


The arrival of Jonah calms them down. ‘OK. Stop arguing. I’ve probably got something in the van for you, Phineas. Let’s move.’


Jonah had a Black sweatshirt in his van, so Phineas is correctly outfitted upon arrival at Granny’s.


Granny is leaving when Missy comes running downstairs. ‘WAIT! You weren’t leaving without me, were you!?!’

Jonah is embarrassed. Granny heaves a sigh… ‘OK, get upstairs and change.’


‘Is this good enough.’

‘Very. You don’t have time to change the heels, we’re in a hurry.’


Elmer and John are criticizing Phineas camouflage war paint. ‘So what? Who said it has to be ugly? This is stylish camouflage! French soldiers always…’

He’s interrupted by the arrival of Jonah and the two old ladies. ‘Get in the van everybody. We’re moving out.’


When they arrive at Pitch Park, everything is quiet.


Granny stays behind to hide the van.


She makes sure nobody sees her, then she takes out her wand…


… and “voilà”!


She hurries to take up her position in the bushes… And the long wait begins…


Time goes by slowly… Granny fights the urge to sleep.


Missy is bored, but she has brought Taïga’s iPad so she can check the numerous dating services she’s listed in…


A taxi! Jonah warns the others.


Missy snaps to attention and puts away the iPad.


A pale figure steps out of the taxi and sits down on the bench right in front of Missy.


The men jump out of the bushes and surround him, brandishing their weapons! The poor man is too afraid to move… Jonah soon gets the information he wants – the pale stranger’s name is Conrad Finley and he’s there to meet Ichabod Specter…

‘You just stay put and act as if nothing happened, and we won’t hurt you. Is that clear?’ Conrad just nods and the men return to their positions.


A couple of minutes later, another pale stranger hurries into the park, looking frantically around him.


‘Ichabod! I’m over here!’


The same scenario repeats itself, but with Missy urging the men on. ‘Shoot one of them! It will make the other talk!…’

‘Missy! Be quiet!’ Granny tries to calm her sister.

‘But I want a gun too. Why can’t I have a gun?’ Granny rolls her eyes. That’s definitely NOT on the list…


John gets excited, waving his big gun around, yelling at their prisoners. Granny tries to make them all calm down and listen to Ichabod who seems willing to talk; without any shooting.


They get into the van again, taking their prisoners with them, and they drive to where Ichabod told them a person – a certain Professor Flynn – could give them answers…


St. James Simitarium…


The big hospice is creepy at night, but they follow Ichabod’s instructions and are surprised to find the big entrance door unlocked.


Conrad and Ichabod lead them downstairs, into the basement, through long empty corridors lined with doors…


Missy stops to peek inside, but it slows them down so Granny urges her on.


Finally they push through one of the doors, into an office. ‘Where is he? You told us we would find answers!’

‘We took you here – to the Professor’s office… I don’t know where he is. He’s usually here…’

Jonah tries to contain his anger: ‘Let’s search the premises for clues.’


‘… and Elmer, wait outside with Finley and Specter!’


Missy goes through the lockers without finding anything more suspicious than dirty socks, and lab-coats. Lots of lab-coats…


Granny takes down all the information she can find.


Jonah sits down at the desk, and after thoroughly going through the drawers…


… finally takes on the challenge of breaking into the laptop. Unsuccessfully…


Hmmm… The professor is well read… No medical journals though… Not even a copy of Gray’s Anatomy!..


Missy is also studying one of the well filled book cases.


Hmmm… I think I got something here…


Oh, yesssss! She rubs her hands in anticipation.


Then she pulls out a first issue of Emily Brontë’s “Wuthering Heights”…


… and calmly sits down to read! Meanwhile, Granny’s hunch proved right. She has found a secret door!


But she’s disappointed to find it only leads into a half empty store room.


‘Hey, Phineas! Get Jonah and come over here!


Jonah hurries outside and leaves Granny to search through the store room. I don’t understand… Why hide a store room behind a secret door? There must be something in here…


Jonah and the others are searching through the rest of the basement…


The long corridors are like a maze, but they are careful not to get lost… or surprised by someone… or something…


‘All’s clear. C’mon on.’


… one last bend… a cul-de-sac!


The cul-de-sac ends with a large steel door.


The glass is dirty and it’s dark on the other side, but Jonah can see the outlines of a strange object.


Phineas feels a little jumpy. He keeps watch while the others discuss if it’s safe to go into the huge, dark room.


He finally follows the others into the vast storeroom filled with weird machines. Conrad and Ichabod are strangely upset.

‘Be quiet, both of you!’ Phineas is nervous. ‘What are you whispering about?’

Ichabod shrugs. ‘Nothing.’


‘Is this a seat!’

‘Yeah, and a wheel.’

‘No, they’re handlebars, like in a plane.’

‘I think this is Army top secret!’

‘Yeah, kind of next generation Black Hawks or something like that.’

‘How many are there? Must be at least a dozen…’



’37, there are 37.’ Jonah’s phone vibrates…


Granny has found something, and she’s calling Jonah. ‘You should come back here, I’ve found something interesting.’

‘We have found something too.’

‘Oh… But I’ve found another door and I think you should be here when I open it!’


Jonah and the men hurry back to help Granny move the heavy lockers…


… Uncovering a steel door with a strange, arrow-like sign on it.


Granny must have touched the locking mechanism, because the door opens with a hiss. Granny tries to pass through, but Jonah stops her.


‘Let me and Elmer go first, we don’t know what to expect.’

Granny impatiently follows them through the door. Oh-My-God!

To Be Continued…




5 thoughts on “01-38 Alien Conspiracy – Part 1

      1. Indeed. Granny doesn’t feel them positively since she arrived. She felt something wrong with these people and she was right. But I couldn’t imagine an alien conspiracy in your story ahaha.

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