01-50 School Life


The weeks go by… Having sport…






Playing dominos or chess in the evenings…


Biking to Papy Pivert on the week ends…


Fall grows colder and more rainy and foggy. The girls have got brand new umbrellas matching their uniforms.


‘Attends! Laisse moi venir sous ton parapluie!’ Louis wants to take shelter under Taïga’s umbrella, but she giggles and runs faster. But the wind catching her umbrella slows her down.


They stop and look at each other in front of an enormous puddle.


… and laughing they jump in together!


Taïga’s umbrella gets caught in the wind and blows away, but when Taïga starts after it, Louis pulls her into his arms…


As the days get cooler, and frost is in the air…


… the morning exercises gives the children blue lips and knees…


‘I’d love to, but I’m going home.’ Louis has asked Taïga if she would like to go skiing with his family over Chrismas.

Eveline chirps in. ‘It’s a pity you can’t come, you know. We always go to the Alps for the holidays. My parents know Louise’s and Clotilde’s very well. And we spend a lot of time with Louis and Tristan. N’est-ce pas, Louis?’

‘Oui, mais…’

‘Silence!’ Mlle Béjart looks sternly at Eveline. ‘Un… deux… un… deux…’

Taïga rolls her eyes. But somewhere deep inside it hurts a tiny bit to know Louis will spend time with Louise…


The warmth of the winter garden is welcome after exercising outside. The long winter has finally embraced the French countryside and the students at St Sim’s are impatiently waiting for the holidays…


There is already a selection taking place before Christmas; only the best students will be admitted to a second year…


Jeanne might not make it, her math’s grades are nothing short of a catastrophe, and her parents have gone bankrupt… She will stay until June though, as the school fees are already paid.


Clotilde continues scheming, getting Fahd into trouble when he refused to kiss her when they played truth or dare…


Taïga is bored. More dreary rain… I can’t wait for spring, and summer… so I can go back to Monte Vista! Taïga sighs. It never snows here… Fall lasts forever!.. I wonder what the new house is like. Granny sounded so secretive when I talked to her… What was that? Is someone calling? Taïga frowns. I better check this out…


Taïga follows the voice in her head up a small staircase she didn’t even know existed.


She stops in front of a door on the landing and looks around her.


She walks through the rubbish in the attic until finally she stops in front of a strange object in a cobweb covered corner…


 Part I – End of Chapter 50

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