Chapters 01 – 18

Moonlight Falls aka Bigwood Falls


Moonlight Falls is an EA world that comes with the EP Supernaturals


I have taken Moonlight Falls into CAW and made some adjustments to illustrate my story better. I renamed it Bigwood Falls, took away most roads, added trees, bushes and lots of boulders, all in all trying to recreate the feeling of the large North Pacific forests bordering on Canada where Granny Grey, and later Taïga, live.

The Cove, as in Bigwood Falls


Now that you have found out where the story takes place, you are ready to continue on to

Part 1 – Chapter 1 The Old Grey Witch

9 thoughts on “Chapters 01 – 18

  1. Ooh, these photos set the scene and atmosphere for the story quite nicely~ They are lovely shots. I too felt the need to tweak the city name and edit the world a bit for my story, it makes for a more immersive experience 🙂

    1. It felt like the natural thing to do, especially as the readers already recognize the characters and worlds from their games with their own experiences. Like this it feels a little like home – but new!

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