Sunshine over The Grey Witches!

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I can’t believe I was nominated for this award twice! I’m truly flattered, as it doesn’t happen to me often. So thank you Bee/JesseSue at Stories by Bee for thinking of my blog! Hers are awesome (yes – in plural, because she’s not only the author of the Bell Legacy, but also the talented creator on Poses by Bee). Her legacy story is very true to life: I especially like Sun, who is aptly pictured as a modern, sensitive woman and mother! If you haven’t checked it out yet, it should become top of your “to do” list!

The rules for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

  • In a blog post, thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions. (As this post is published so very, very late, I don’t think it is accurate to nominate any bloggers. Just know that all the blogs on my “Blogs I read” page would have been nominated!)

  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo in your post and/or your blog.whatissun

Bee’s Questions To Me

1. What is your favourite job/career in the Sims and why?

There are several, but I think the criminal career is fun – being an honest citizen myself I find it rewarding to steal things and peek through windows without getting caught!

Second comes Firefighter – it’s challenging, and that’s what makes it interesting to achieve!

2. What is your least favourite job/career in the Sims and why?

I don’t particularly like the political career – I have never played it because I think it’s quite boring, what with the fundraising and convincing…

3. Have you played any challenges in the game and is your story based on a challenge?

I have tried to play a legacy, the standard kind where you start out with a lone sim and an empty lot. I never got farther than the founder generation, because I got side-tracked when I started writing about the Grey Witches…

4. Do you have a favourite character and are they in your current story?

I love my Grey witches – Taïga, Granny, even Missy! And then there’s Derek, who I would place top of the list!

5. Have you ever made a sim-self of yourself and/or family/romantic interests?
How did that turn out?

My simself is my blog avatar, and the same I use on the forums. But I have never used my simself in the game, apart from taking some pictures to thank CravenLestat for making me special patterns! I guess it would get too personal, and I would hate to see me drown or something!

6. What is the one thing you refuse to do while playing this game?  (for example, play supernaturals, the criminal career, kill a sim etc)

I think I’m quite open to just about anything! Killing sims, setting houses on fire, thieving and murdering – it’s just a game after all. But I draw my limits when it comes to child abuse.

7. What is your favorite world and why?

That’s a difficult question with several answers! When it comes to EA’s worlds I have to say Sunlit Tides. It’s extremely well done; the world, the builds, the sims are perfect. I haven’t had the opportunity to use it in my story yet, but I will.

Then there are the custom worlds with many wonderful creators, but I think Nilxis’s worlds are above the lot. Especially Ziwa Bonde, which I have used two years ago, but the pictures aren’t yet published in my story…

(Well, now they are! Published, I mean.)

I can’t continue on to the next question without adding my own world – Twin Towns – as it’s the one I currently use in the Grey Witches!

8. Have you ever been caught by the Kraken in the cave?  Fought a shark?

Never! I own the store, but I realize I haven’t got around to use half of it! Playing in Isla Paradiso is on the “to do” list!

9. Have you ever had a sim child die in game unexpectedly?

No. I don’t like having kids I play get hurt. But the social services have taken away kids and I guess it’s a kind of death as they are impossible to get back again!

10. How many hours a week do you play the game?

I don’t play on a regular basis, I only go in game to take pictures for my story. Last pics were about ten days ago… I realize I have quite a busy RL schedule!

(Gaah! Quite has turned to very…)

11. If you could go back and start your story from the beginning to take a different path or fix some mistakes, would you?

Different path, no. But I have rewritten the first chapters to fill them up some, as they were basically copied-pasted from the old sims forum. Then it became an osession, so now I have rewritten and made new pictures for 56 chapters out of 60!

(When I post this, it is actually the whole first part, 61 chapters, that has been rewritten…)

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