Dark Side

Dark Side – Kelly Clarkson There’s a place that I knowIt’s not pretty there and few have ever goneIf I show it to you nowWill it make you run away? Or will you stay? Even if it hurtsEven if I try to push you out, will you return?And remind me who I really amPlease remind […]

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Wrapped in Red

A Very Merry Christmas to y’all from me and the Grey’s! Finally some moments of bliss to write, and take pictures. Please go ahead and check out the video on YouTube, with more pics and Kelly Clarkson’s magical Christmas song. Enjoy!

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Happy Dia de Los Muertos

I wish you a very good start on the fall season, just a month or so of continous rain and general chilly weather before Christmas. I have been quite busy, what with the acquisition of a 1700th century castle, or rather half of it, and all that comes with renovating, installing heaters and changing floor […]

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Happy New Year 2021!

A very Happy New Year to y’all, and as they say in France; May this year be a healthy, prosperous one with lots of love and money! Lovely “bridesmaid” poses by Bee – as usual her poses are easy to fit in other situations 😉 Rusty Nail has converted Taïga’s dress – the short, jewel […]

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Happy Kiddy Halloween 2020!

We’re confined, once again, in France. Not as strictly as the last time, schools are still open so I will head to work again next week. We’ll see if there are kids out and about tonight before curfew, or my family will have some serious concerns about all the sweets stocked up for tonight’s little […]

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Happy Easter 2020!

Even if the times are bad, and a lot of us are going through some hard times, it is nice to have something hopeful to think about and Easter is just that. Religious faith or not, we all need to see the bright side of life right now… So I wish you all a really […]

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Merry Christmas 2019!

Season’s greetings from the Grey’s! And I join them in wishing y’all a very, Merry Christmas!   Edit link to Bee’s fantastic poses: Taïga and the elder couples, (bigger, better pic in chapter 2-46), thank you so much for creating and sharing these!

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