Look! I’m riding!

Bee’s wonderful “Child Riding” poses inspired me to go back in time and recreate Taïga’s first encounter with the old horse, Duke. Granny was scared, of course, the horse is immense! The horse pose with a confused Granny is from Lakeside Saddlery. I was about four years old when I first had a ride on […]

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Back to Africa

It is not about me, but about Derek. I’m back in Ziwa Bonde, picking up the thread where I left it, on May 2 2020!!! Geez, two years ago… Well, let’s wake him up, shall we? Chapter 55 – Planning I have, as usual, used lots of Bee‘s great poses, such as those figuring in […]

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COVID-19 and more excuses

Hi again! As the title is quite explicit, I’m not gonna lose time in excuses about why I haven’t been posting much- Wait! Let’s start over again… -why I haven’t been posting anything for quite a while now. Let’s just say that Real Life has so much to do with it, and as writing is […]

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Finally (almost) done!

Let’s wrap Part One up, shall we? There is still one chapter left to rewrite, 43, but I think I’ll get back to it later on. I’m eager to continue the story so I started up my game to get on with Granny, Taïga and Derek where I left them, but since I updated my […]

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Too much

I have finished the old chapter where Granny and Missy goes to Iceland in search of Taïga’s father. It became an enormous chapter of 13,000 words and 131 pictures. Absolutely too much to load when you want to read. So I cut it in half… Here you are: Part I – Chapter 56 Looking for […]

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Still Summer

It is still summer, still very warm and sunny weather. Both here and in Crooked Bayou Swamp at the Grey residence… Part I – Chapter 58 Rowan is spending summer with his sister, and reluctantly they become as close friends as siblings can. After the introduction to an IF, a disturbing nighttime visit takes place. […]

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The danger of social medias…

We all live with Social Medias, they are a part of our daily life and I can’t imagine how we managed before them and the Internet in general. I also think we all know they can also be dangerous in the hands of ill-intentioned people. Children aren’t supposed to have access before a certain age, […]

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Who doesn’t love horses?

Being a rider myself, I favor the horses that came with Pets. The only thing that stopped me from playing with horses in the beginning was the poor quality tack EA grated us with. The same kind that comes with Barbie horses and that makes you ask yourself how come they went though all the […]

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