01-18 Wannabe Witches

Dark Music – The Sealed Kingdom by Adrian von Ziegler

Vulturu’s Ghastly Graveyard



Taïga usually hangs out with a group of American kids at school. First there’s Leann Moreland. She’s kind, cute and caring but she lacks personality. Her parents are some kind of historians, researching paranormal activities, vampires and stuff, and their daughter is mostly left to take care of herself. Then there’s Jennifer Doe, whose mother is a native. It’s quite handy as she’s fluent in both languages, but she’s very stubborn and doesn’t like the attention Taïga is getting from Mitchell. Which brings us to the only boy in the group.

Mitchell Flynn came here with his siblings to live with their uncle by marriage after their parents tragically died in a car crash. He is obsessed with the occult and is the group’s leader. Tonight he has convinced them all to meet up at the cemetery and he has asked Taïga to bring Minuit…

‘She came!’ Jennifer says incredulously, ‘And she brought her cat!’

‘I told you so…’ Mitchell smiles to himself…


Leann waves to their friends, nudging Taïga, ‘They are over there!’

The sudden gesture frightens Minuit and she leaps out of Taïga’s arms, disappearing among the tombstones.

Jen looks accusingly at Taïga. ‘Where’s the cat?’

‘Err… I couldn’t hold on to her, she scratched me!’

‘But without a cat we can’t summon the demon. Or can we?’ Leann asks.

‘What demon?’ Taïga looks questioningly at the three others. Mitchell doesn’t know what to say.

Leann looks at Jen, ‘Haven’t you told her?’


‘Err… No… Mitchell told her about the witches executed and buried here, and how the ground turns blood red when the moon is full. But-’

Leann interrupts Jen, ‘We’re witches!’

Taïga stares at her. ‘Witches?’

‘Well not exactly, not yet. That’s why we need to summon Alastor…’ Mitchell says.

‘He’ll take over the spirit of the cat, and then he’ll make us witches…’ Jen adds.


‘Are you serious? I thought you wanted the cat to signal if there were any ghosts around! I’ll NEVER let you use my cat to do this!’ OMG, I need to ask Granny about this Alastor.*

Silence. The only sound is a soft creaking from the trees.



Mitchell has to make a decision.

‘Well… It’s Taïga’s cat after all… So let’s find him, before Alastor does! Leann, you search that area, Jen, you go that way. Me and Taïga, we’ll look over there! Taïga? Wait!’


Taïga is scared for her cat and didn’t wait for Mitchell to finish ordering them around. She sets off really fast towards where Minuit lept out of her arms.

Mitchell has trouble keeping up with her, ‘Hey, wait for me!’

Somehow Taïga knows Alastar can’t be around if he hasn’t been summoned yet… No, something else terrifies her.

‘What if she can’t find her way back to the house?’ Taïga yells back, ‘Missy would kill me!’


They look behind the tombstones and under the bushes. Nothing. Suddenly Taïga sees something in the snow.

‘There are some prints here!’


Quickly she follows the trace of tiny paws, her friends joining her.


The prints lead straight to the Mausoleum. Hesitantly Taïga pushes the creaking iron gate open.

‘Maybe we should go home?’ Leann whimpers. ‘You promised we wouldn’t go near the mausoleum, Mitchell. It’s haunted…’


‘Minuit? Tsk-tsk-tsk…’ Taïga is kneeling in the snow next to some thorn bushes. She can see something moving. ‘Minuit?’

A raspy voice whispers, ‘What are you doing here?’

She freezes. Slowly she raises her head… A pale silhouette breaks away from the shadows. Where did it come from?


The kids run screaming away from the mausoleum.


In panic they fan out over the graveyard…


… each one running for their lives…


… with only one thought in their heads – escape!


Taïga heads for the entrance. She slips on a patch of ice, but scrambles up again.


Once outside the graveyard, she stops out of breath. Who- or what was that? She looks over her shoulder and the creepy figure is right behind her, holding something in his arms! Panicked, she scans the surroundings for her bike.


Taïga jumps on her bike and pedals as fast as she can! But the road is icy, and she skids and almost falls.


A high pitched screech she recognizes as Minuit, followed by a bloodcurdling scream echoes in her head all the way home…

Part I – End of Chapter 18

Next Chapter 


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