Chapters 53 – 55


Falls Harbor


A city and its suburb… or two distinct towns? Well, it depends on which side of the bay you live… On the East side rises a prosperous town; a melting pot for artists, businessmen and the rich and famous. Late night clubbing downtown to the rhythm of DJ Glowstick’s talented mixing might surely make you run into the Ties Guys, movie star Aria Etoile or the vocal legends Big Daddy and Rick Rain. But you better keep a low profile – Don Moroni is still ruling the City with iron will – and a little help of his henchmen…

Fairview Heights


Fairview Heights nestles between rolling hills and the Atlantic Ocean on the West side of the bridge. A perfect place to raise kids, go horse riding, swim or surf (just keep an eye open for sharks or seals!)… An advice though; stay away from the dirt track leading into the Crooked Bayou Swamp. There’s a lot of howling during the full moon, and some people whisper about seeing witches. On brooms! Get lost…




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