01-01 The Old Grey Witch

I am a Witch

I am who I am

My Path is Shadowed

It is neither black, nor white.

Yet it is both

Between the worlds I walk

I am of the Earth

Yet, I am of above, and below

I am a Witch

By Lady Hekate


Tara “Granny” Grey is the most powerful witch in Bigwood Falls on the Pacific North Coast. Which isn’t really such an achievement, as there are only four of them in the whole area. She’s also the most solitary, snobbish, grumpy, uncaring and – and she has no desire whatsoever to socialize! Not with anybody!

But it hasn’t always been that way…


Tara has a mean, scatterbrained and thoughtless younger sister who lives on the other side of the Ocean – Melissa “Old Missy” Grey.

The small town of Vulturu in the shadows of the Transylvanian Mountains suits her need for discretion, as no questions are ever asked about her activities as a ghost hunter and her curious aspiration to become a Zombie Master. The eccentric old lady is in constant search of true love, but obviously it’s not in the graveyards she’ll find happiness.

TheGreyWitches-1-3 (2)

Tara has a beautiful, headstrong grown-up daughter, Shasta. Mother and daughter never got along well, and as soon as decency allowed (or did something else happen?), Tara got Shasta a new broom and literally kicked her out!

‘Good riddance, I’m better off without her…’ she grumbled for prying ears to hear and closed the door to her heart, I mean home. If you ask the old lady about the whereabouts of her daughter, she’ll probably answer that last she heard of Shasta, she lived in Chugcreek, or Bridgeport… Or was it Stadarfell? Whatever…

The Cove, the Grey witches’ home since the last century, was built with privacy in mind, far away from civilization in the deep forests of the Cascades on the outskirts of the quaint little town Bigwood Falls. Even though the town is slowly expanding, the Cove remains isolated and it takes quite a while to get there, following a hardly ever used road winding through the forbidding forest. But there’s barely any visitors, even the postman doesn’t swing by anymore. Not as if anyone ever writes…

In winter, when the trees are devoid of leaves, and before the heavy snow settles on the naked branches, you can see the witch-hat styled turret – if you know where to look, that is. But the rest of the year the Cove is effectively hidden by the lush vegetation, and most inhabitants of Bigwood Falls don’t even know it exists. Which suits Tara Grey perfectly. She couldn’t be happier, living on her own with only her cat to keep her company.

She spends most daylight hours, and probably even the night hours, making elixirs in the attic. Her potions are the best money can buy. It’s a pity the townsfolk are too afraid to come knocking on her door to acquire some!


As every respectable witch, she’s never to be seen without her hat and she has always got her Applewood wand hidden in the pleats of her long sweeping skirt. Being a Grey witch, her magic is neither dark nor white, but a balanced mixture in between. Her most powerful magic spell is the protection spell she uses when the moon is full.


She enjoys a good book and often reads herself to sleep late at night. If she forgets to turn off the light, there’s nobody there to argue. Not even Mrs. Brown. Oh, I have forgotten to mention her. Mrs. Brown is Tara’s housekeeper and she has been in the family for ages. She cooks the most delicious meals, and keeps the house clean and tidy. She’s very discreet, and hardly ever talks. That’s probably why I totally forgot about her, and also why the grumpy grey witch can stand having her live in the Cove…


Yuri Ivanov and his boisterous gypsy family arrive in town when the snow is finally melting away in the spring, and the mountain pass opens for traffic again. They travel in an old fashion way, their brightly colored Vardo drawn by two robust piebald Gypsy Vanners.

Her old friend Rayna makes a living out of reading peoples fortune and they travel all over the country with their Tarot cards and a fake crystal ball. Sometimes Tara helps out with the readings. Bogey or real, it depends on the person who’s consulting! At least both old ladies get a good laugh out of it!


So she rarely leaves her house, minding her own solitary business. But if you’re awake early on Maundy Thursday, or if you decide to stay up when the moon is full, you just might see her fly past your window on her broom– but hush, don’t tell anyone. Nobody would believe you anyway!


And so time goes by, each day the other alike, and that’s exactly the way Tara wants things to be…


Her small garden is filled with perfect healing herbs, edible mushrooms and beautiful flowers. Her bees deliver succulent honey and she loves watching the fruits ripen while her black cat Minuit* catches small rodents and other living things necessary to bring power to her elixirs.

*French for Midnight




The late October cold has transformed the landscape of Bigwood Falls to a lunar crispy white. The centenary cove is nestled in the large forest, its badly isolated roof covered in frost. But the morning sun will melt it away again, warming the few rooms used by the two old ladies.

It’s soon Samhain…

The old Grey witch wakes up with a sense of foreboding this morning.

It feels as if I’ve forgotten something… something important… She slides her feet into her slippers, Oh darn it! I put my left foot down first! Maybe I should just stay in bed today with a good book…

The sudden sound of the doorbell interrupts her thoughts.


‘Can you take that, Mrs. Brown!?!’

The doorbell chimes again.

‘Mrs. Brown!!!’ Why doesn’t she answer the door? Tara eases into her dress, struggling with the corset. Darn it! I totally forgot it’s her day off!

‘Ding-dong… Ding-dong… Ding-dong-ding-dong…’ The person ringing must have got his finger stuck on the buzzer, and the insisting chiming is unnerving the old witch. She fiddles with the buttons at her neck, tripping over her cat in search of her hat.

‘Now, where is it? Get out of my way, Minuit, or you’ll make me fall!’ She abandons her search and with murder on her mind she scoops up the cat on the way out of the bedroom, ‘I’m coming! Darn it!!! I’m coming!’


She hurries downstairs, trying to arrange her hair with the cat in her arms. Irritably she pushes the door wide open.

‘What now!?! Stop leaning on the darn door-’

‘Hello, Mother…’


Part I – End of Chapter 01

Next Chapter


9 thoughts on “01-01 The Old Grey Witch

    1. I guess you ‘re talking about the sim’s vampire mark? Well, Shasta is not a vampire, she’s a witch like her mother and her daughter. I think the mark is quite beautiful and decided to use it in my story as the Grey witches’ mark, the one they are born with and that singles them out as of the Grey legacy! 🙂 There’s one vampire in the story, but he doesn’t make his entrance before chapter 51! 😉

      1. Yeah, I realized that next chapter, I just finished it, hadn’t had a chance to comment yet. I agree, I love the mark and love using it in my stories. I guess I got that she wasn’t a witch anymore from the description of Shasta in the About the Grey Witches tab and then seeing the mark and it wasn’t talked about in the chapter…lol, guess I made my own conclusions a little late. It is really neat to use the mark as a unique mark to the family though!

  1. The description was great and definitely sets up the story very well. I wonder though, why the daughter decided to come home? Especially after she was kicked out so terribly cold like.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the beginning of my story. I actually started writing short texts to accompany the screenshots I took while playing. My daughter usually sat beside me, listening and commenting, wanting me to “write a story”. I started this blog when the storytelling part of the old Sims forum became too restrained and I wanted room for bigger and better pics. I didn’t start using poses before the end of Part I, and the text wasn’t very elaborated either, so I’m actually rewriting the old chapters, adding more depth to the characters and having so much fun with poseplayer, (thanking you and all other wonderful creators again! 🙂 ) So you’ll find out more about the characters and the reasons of their acts in later chapters. Shasta can be utterly egotistical and Granny might not be as mean as her gruff exterior first let us think. Why she was “thrown” out, and much more, will become clear in the next chapters…

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