St Simon’s Art Academy, France

The students at St Simon’s:

Agnès Beaumont 1

Agnès is a “chic fille“. Kind, happy and fair, her grandfather owns a lot of beautiful horses and she’s already an experienced rider, dreaming of becoming a showjumping star.

Fahd Al’Hafed Bin Hakim1

Fahd is Egyptian royalty. He doesn’t miss an occasion to brag about his lineage – his ancestors built the pyramids after all.


 Clotilde de Cosnac1

Clotilde is as mean as she’s ugly. She’s Louise de Lautrec’s best friend and the brain behind most of Taïga’s misfortunes at school.


Louise de Lautrec1

Jolie coeur“, Louise is used to get what she wants without really fighting for it – excellent grades, friends, boyfriends… But now Taïga seems to get too much attention and sweet Louise can’t let that happen.


Tristan de Lévis-Mirepoix1

Tristan is Louis’s best friend, a C-student and generally a do-no-good-er. Which is probably why he’s so fun to hang with.


Philippe de Montvilliers1

Philippe is the school’s yes-man, every teacher’s pet! His grandfather is head of the famous “Montvillier Productions”, the biggest music mogul in France. It’s a pity Philippe is tone-deaf…


Charlotte Dubois1

Charlotte is probably a kind girl, but she hangs with the wrong people. Trying be liked by the popular girls, she’s too weak to stand up for Taïga.


Henri Fournier1

Taïga’s first friend at school. Henri is extremely artistic, he paints and sings, dreaming of becoming a new Aznavour.


Eveline Fournier1

Eveline is Henri’s twin sister. She tries to compensate their lack of aristocracy by sucking up to Louise and generally acting like the royalty she isn’t. She thinks she’s best at everything and despites Taïga…


Louis St Clair1

Louis is the school’s Prince Charming – good looking, well-mannered, oozing old money. He plays the piano like a virtouso as he’s having absolute pitch, and excels at sport. A real gentleman, to perfect to be true.


Jeanne Wall1

Jeanne is a “garçon manqué“, a tom boy. She is Taïga’s friend, as she loathes Louise and her clique.

The Teachers:


François Lambert1

Dance teacher

Amandine Béjart1


Béatrice Bonnet1


Mathilde Grosjean


André Lefèbvre1


French Foreign Language & Housekeeper

Florence Petit1


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