Taïga’s parents, Magnus Darkling and Shasta Grey

Magnus Darkling – Eiríksstaðir, Iceland, Europe

Magnus Darkling1

Handsome Magnus Darkling is an old vampire of Viking origin. He has a grudge against the Grey witches ever since they killed and captured the spirit of his maker. He has sworn to eliminate the Grey’s, but also to make them suffer. Will the fact that he is Taïga’s father change things?

Magnus Darkling is based upon a sim I downloaded quite a while ago – I’m sorry but I can’t remember who his creator is…

Skin – navetsea’s Adult Hairy4 nondefault

Eyes – Pralinesims’ Autumn Glam Eyes

HairCazy 86 Demonic

BeardR2M Creation Beard N04 

Stella Grimm of Austria (by CamKitty on MTS)

The Austrian Vampire Queen looks the part.


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