There are quite a few werewolves in this world, and not all of them transform on full moons.

Derek Vargas, handsome lone wolf

Cade Farrow

Cade Farrow 2 (2)

Cade Farrow is a werewolf who helps Derek rescue his father from the Dementé Insanatorium overrun by zombies.

You’ll find this eye candy at Eden’s Sims (Eden777), who I personally think creates the most handsome, masculine looking sims ever! Just click on his name and he’ll take you there…

If you prefer, here he is on The Sims 3 site.


Part II- Chapters 17 and 18

Regner Murder

Regner Murder

Regner Murder is the Beta in Dwayne Wolff’s pack, having taken Cade Farrow’s place when the latter went AWOL six years ago on a mission.

This handsome hunk is a creation of FL Club.

Part II – Chapter 18

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