Supernaturals – Demons

Content warning: Nudity

Alastar (Alastor), the demon with a thousand faces

Alastar is the avenger of evil deeds, specifically, familial bloodshed. As the personification of a curse, it was also a tormenting spirit or a Némésis.

Alastar can change appearance, even transform into inanimate objects. But he prefers just cohabiting in a person or animal, possessing it. He travels by telekinesis and can so cover enormous distances in a heartbeat.

He was captured and bound to the underground by Lady Ravendancer, but set free by a bunch of kids in Vulturu. Since then he lives in Miezul Nopţii, or Minuit, the Grey’s black cat, biding his time…

Part I – Chapter 38

Hekate, the Queen of Witches

Hekate is the goddess of magic and witchcraft. She represents the new moon, the symbol of death, and her powers are reaching their dreaded peak at night, especially in the moonlight. She is the one who brings nightmares, but she also has the power to alter a person’s fate and a great knowledge of plant medicine.

She is said to live near the tombs of the victims of murder, but she’s only visible to dogs. Her presence is therefore said to be announced by black howling dogs at night. Hence the adage, “If the dogs are traveling at night, it means Hecate is about.”

Her name mean “The Distant One”, and during the Ptolemaic period in Alexandria (ancient Egypt) she was elevated to her position as goddess of ghosts and the spirit world. She’s also associated with the night, infernal spirits, the dead and, of course, sorcery.

Hecate Demon

Hippolytus in Philosphumena:

“Come infernal, terrestrial, and heavenly Bombo (Hecate), goddess of the broad roadways, of the crossroad, thou who goest to and fro at night, torch in hand, enemy of the day. Friend and lover of darkness, thou who doest rejoice when the bitches are howling and warm blood is spilled, thou who art walking amid the phantom and the in place of the tombs, thou whose thirst is blood, thou who doest strike chill and fear in mortal hearts, Gorgo, Mormo, Moon of a thousand forms, cast a propitious eye on our sacrifice.”

Part I – Chapter 25

Part II – Chapter 26

Irdu Lilu, the Incubus

Irdu Lilu is a demon in Jewish folklore who visits human women while they sleep, to guarantee they will produce his offspring to ensure the continuation of his demonic race. He is also known to kidnap children.

Part I – Chapter 53

Part I – Chapter 54

Part I – Chapter 59