Summary / Plot of Part Two

Content warning in Part 2 : Bad language, nudity and sexual innuendo

Taïga is now a teenager, still living with Granny and Old Missy in the Bayou. Her half-brother, Rowan, is also staying at Bayou Oaks Mansion since the birth of his brother Frost, a few years ago. Leonardo keeps up the illusion of Shasta still being alive*, nourishing the image of a mentally fragile and self-occupied mother, but Taïga can’t shake off the feeling that something is wrong. Being a teenager takes up 100% of her time, leaving little room for worries about a mother who has been absent most part of her life anyway. She’s singing in a band (IDC) against her grandmother’s will, riding and taking care of the old horse Duke, and going through the ups and downs having her first boyfriend. Having always been a top student, it comes as a surprise to Granny when she suddenly isn’t anymore. Add to that the tensions of living with her beloved, but jealoused, little brother Rowan.

As Taïga’s 15th birthday approaches, Granny gets more and more worried about her daughter, Shasta. Will she miss out on yet another birthday? Even though this year is crucial, as they are supposed to initiate Taïga to her powers as a witch? Maybe Shasta will keep away because it will hurt her too much to see her daughter take possession of her magical heritage, herself not being a witch anymore?**

And what about Taïga’s engagement? Granny has avoided the problem, desperately searching for a solution. But she can’t put it off eternally. She has to break the news and tell her granddaughter that, being a Grey witch, she is promised to someone. …

* Part One – Chapter 60

**Part One – Chapter 54

Here goes, the beginning of part two:

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2 thoughts on “Summary / Plot of Part Two

  1. Hi!
    Your story is AWESOME!!!! I really like it, and I will never create something like this. So…
    Linn and Rowan would be an intresting couple and you should bring back Shasta and Derek…
    And what is with Frost? Is he with Leonardo?
    And the fairy baby?
    And Leonardo should be eaten by cowplant.

    1. I’m truly glad you like it! And yes, there are chances lost souls will be back. And Frost will probably come with Leonardo to Missy’s marriage – spawn of the demon or not… His sister is brought up by fairies and we’ll find out more about her later on… 🙂

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