02-17 Dementé Insanitarium


Thank you Squircle for this incredible place! It’s exactly what I was looking for and I hope you don’t mind me using it in my story!Dementé Insanatorium By Squircle at MTS

Built in 1853 and deinstitutionalized in 1962, Dementé Insanitarium was named after the first owner and headmaster of the asylum, Vladmir Dementé, who passed down the right of the institution and kept it in the family for a couple generations, up until the last headmaster whom was not of family blood. The last Dementé to head the research at the asylum was named after his great grandpa, and mysteriously disappeared after over three decades of running the place. Nobody has stepped inside since the state closed it up, but if you are daring enough to venture inside, you may learn the secret of the disappearance of Vladmir Dementé.

I’ve changed the story a bit… The state didn’t really close it up, but kept underground modern laboratories and thus continued their supernatural research. All sim heard of with strange powers are seized and sent here, as are talented inventors. But an experience went terribly wrong, a witch zombified her doctor and all hell broke out. In a couple of days the whole facility was contaminated, including the witch, who by the way was the first to succumb to the zombie doctor’s craving for fresh brains…

That’s when Derek shows up. It won’t take long now before the government finds out what has happened, and sends in their special forces for a big clean-up. Oh, how Vladimir Dementé would have loved the chaos…


Derek can’t go around asking questions about Dementé Insanatorium as he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. It takes him a whole day of cruising around the outskirts of town, before he literally stumbles on an overgrown road sign, hidden in the brambles by the side of the main road. The access is blocked by a heavy chain-link fence, but Derek climbs it easily after hiding his bike. It takes a while to trek the whole way up to the asylum, and he’s starting to think about turning back when the road turns and he can see the old building looming in the shadows of the mountains…

He finds himself a hiding place where he can observe the asylum without being seen, and after a making sure there’s no traffic whatsoever, he returns to the road to get his bike.


After getting some tools and a hot meal in town, he’s back again as soon as the sun sets. He quickly cuts off the padlock and drives up to the foreboding building. “No trespassing”… But no guards and no dogs. Just the fence… I could climb it easily but it’s probably electric. Hmm… I think it’s time to have a closer look.


But first he hides his motorcycle in the bushes behind an overgrown sign.


The imposing gate isn’t locked. It creaks when Derek tentatively pushes it open and he hurries inside seeking shelter in the shadows before somebody wonders about the noise.


But everything remains quiet. He makes his way around the building, peeking through the windows…


… being careful not to be seen as he can make out guards patrolling in the feeble light. Everything seems calm inside. But I have to get in somehow…


On the far side of the sanatorium he almost misses an already broken basement window, overgrown by ivy. Carefully he slides inside, making sure he stays crouched against the stone wall, while he listens for a sign of life. But the only sound is a steady humming that seems to come from the main electrical room. So that’s where I’ll start.

He follows the sound through meandering underground corridors until he faces a heavy metal door.


The door is somewhat stuck, so he uses his shoulder to push it open and steps into an awful noise. He looks around him, taking in the red light and the din of the machines. Steam emanating from the pipes at regular intervals lays the room in a permanent haze and makes it difficult to see. Must be like this in hell…

He makes his way through the racket and heads for a staircase with an emergency exit sign above.


A noise stops him in his tracks. The hissing and clanking of the pipes almost drowns out the strange growling coming from above. What the…? A creature straight from a nightmare blocks the way to the exit, clawing at the fence, gurgling and hissing frantically. Derek backs away as the creature shakes the fence forcefully, pushing its head against the metal links, making its face bleed. He turns and hastens back the way he came, happy to have the high metal fence between him and the creature. He slams the metal door shut behind him. What was that? Never seen anything like it… That way up seems to be a no go…


He backtracks, taking a left turn, then a right, then left again. He passes through the laundry room and some storage rooms, one of which is filled with urns. Gosh, I don’t want to think about what’s inside… He takes a look anyway, and his suspicions are confirmed. Ashes…

He continues through more storage rooms, another laundry room, an underground garage with three gleaming new black SUV’s. Those might come in handy if dad can’t ride with me…


He backtracks again… The basement of the Insanatorium is a real maze, but Derek’s wolf sense keeps him from getting lost. One of the doors gives direct access to the crematorium. Curious, Derek pushes a button and the huge oven blasts alive. I’ve seen enough… I have to find dad!


He pushes through a wooden door on the other side of the crematorium and finds himself in a hall, lined by doors and with a large staircase at the end. Suddenly there’s a rustling and gnawing sound from behind one of the doors. He stops and cleans the dirty glass so he can peek inside. A large rat scurries away…


Oh my God. Poor devil…


He kicks the door open to the tiny cell and inspects the skeleton. It’s been there for quite a while, probably several years. He throws a quick glance through all doors, afraid to find his dad, but the residents are all as dead as the first.


He starts climbing the stairs. The door on the landing is slightly ajar, letting a dim light shine on the landing. No sounds… Normal. It’s midnight after all…


He peeks through the gap in the door into what seems to be the entrance. Tentatively, he pulls a drawer, There’s probably something in the archives… a room number or something that tells me which floor dad’s on…


But the drawers are all empty. The sanatorium was shut down in the 60’s, but I know the government continues their research here. He looks at the old bulletin board, the pushed back chairs. So where are the archives? He remembers seeing some lights on upstairs. So I’ll just have to keep away from the guards and find the stairs…

Suddenly there’s the sound of a chair screeching against the floor. Derek ducks behind an archive and waits. Silence. Then the sound of the chair again. It’s coming from the end of that corridor. He starts moving towards the sound, staying close to the wall. Carefully he peeks through the dirty glass door.


There’s a man chained to a chair in a kind of… Operating room? Gross.

The man raises his head at the sound of Derek entering. ‘You’ll need a key to open those handcuffs.’

‘Who said I’ll free you?’

‘You didn’t. But it’s the best thing you could do right now.’ The man grins at him, ‘You won’t last through the night without me, you see…’


They’re interrupted by the door kicked open.

‘Shut up! Show me your hands, boy!’

The man on the chair smiles to himself. ‘See? Told you so… Meet Andrew Warden, the last of the wardens.’ He chuckles. ‘And as he’s the one with the gun you better do as he says.’

‘I told you to shut up, pretty boy!’ The warden gestures with his gun towards Derek. ‘Don’t turn around! Get on your knees, boy.’

Derek sinks to his knees, his mind racing. Then everything gets black as the warden hits him hard in the head with the butt of the gun.


Derek groans, his head hurts and he’s nauseous. He struggles onto his hands and knees, breathing hard. The sound of voices seems to come from very far away and he fights the waves of nausea that washes over him.

‘How did you do it?’

‘Do what?’

‘I broke your fucking nose! And your ribs! And I shot you!’

‘Yeah, I remember that…’

The warden waves his gun in front of the man’s face. ‘If I put a bullet into your pretty face, would you heal from that too?’

‘Probably not. But then I won’t be able to help you heal. Huh?’


‘Shut the fuck up!’

The words are followed by the vicious sound of a fist hitting target. The warden hits again, and again. Derek shakes his head, concentrating hard…his body starts to tremble, hands curling and uncurling as claws snap forward, his jaws aching from the outburst of fangs…


With a growl he attacks.


Derek has soon mastered the poor man.

‘Please! Don’t kill me! Please… I’ll do anything… Call him off! Please!’

The blond man on the chair huffs, ‘You won’t be feeling good in a cage… And that’s where you’ll end up if you kill that man… Or worse if you just take a bite of him…’ He licks the blood off his lips. ‘Just take his damn keys.’


Swiftly Derek turns the warden onto his stomach and wrenches his arm up behind his back, effectively blocking the warden’s movements.

‘The keys… The keys are in my back pocket! Ouch!’

Derek fishes out the keys and yanks the warden up on his feet.


Maintaining the warden’s arm in a painful grip behind his back that effectively stops him from moving, Derek maneuvers behind the chair and unlocks the handcuffs. The blond man rubs his wrists and swiftly knocks out the warden. When the poor man comes to his senses, he finds himself back bound on the very same chair as his prisoner was just a minute earlier.

The blond man rubs his knuckles and stretches. ‘Hurts a bit… Where’s the gun?’

Without a word, Derek aims it at the muscular blond man.

‘And what do you think you’re doing? You’re gonna shoot me? I don’t think so.’ He sits lazily on a workbench. ‘I’m the only one here who’s not contaminated. And that’s the best argument I can find right now. I think we should help each other – there’s always been solidarity amongst the pack.’

‘The pack?’

The blond man doesn’t blink, just repeats, ‘The pack.’

He holds up his hand, and Derek watches in awe as it transforms instantly into a clawed paw.

‘Here.’ Derek hands over the revolver. ‘I’m Derek. Derek Vargas.’

The man takes the gun, opens it and checks the chambers. ‘I’m Cade. Cade Farrow.’

He closes the revolver with an experienced movement, turning towards the warden who whimpers, ‘I won’t tell anyone. I swear I won’t tell. Please.’

‘I know you won’t.’ Cade aims the gun at the warden, who closes his eyes and stammers a prayer.

‘Don’t kill him.’

Cade doesn’t flinch. Slowly his finger tightens its grip. ‘He’ll die anyway. Look at his arm, he was bitten. This is mercy.’

‘What do you mean “mercy”?’

‘Then again… The gunshot will make them all come here, and we don’t want that…’


He puts away the gun in the belt behind his back and turns towards Derek. ‘Why are you here?’

Derek crosses his arms, ‘Why are you here? Even though you seem a little crazy, now I think about it.’

Cade smiles a big wolfish grin. ‘I like you!’ He taps Derek on the shoulder. ‘But you’re going to answer my question first.’

Derek doesn’t say anything but holds Cade’s gaze.

‘I’m older.’ Cade approaches his face to Derek, ‘And…’ he pauses for effect, ‘I’m. An. Alpha.’

Derek doesn’t flinch. ‘I’m looking for my dad. And I’m telling you this because you might know where he is – not because you’re an Alpha.’

Cade looks at him an instant, then he smiles. ‘I like your guts. They’ll probably get you killed one of these days, but I like your style.’ He walks up to the double doors and pushes them open. ‘After you.’ He bows ironically and makes a sweeping gesture with his hand. ‘Let’s go get your dad.’


‘What do you mean by contaminated? And who are the “others”?’ Derek follows Cade through the door the warden came through, into an adjoining room with some scary looking equipment. ‘What the hell is that?’

Cade stops and examines a torture chair. ‘I thought this only existed in scary movies like Silent Hill…’

‘Well, obviously not. And it’s been used recently, from the look of it… Is that blood?’


Cade turns some switches and Derek jumps away from the chair. ‘Hey! Watch out!’

Cade scrutinizes the chair closely, ‘It works all right. Pity the warden crushed my cell…’ He nods to himself. ‘Take a picture of that. We should put it on the net.’

‘I don’t have a cell.’

Cade looks at him with disbelief. ‘No cell? Where do you come from? Straight out of hick town?’

‘Of course I have one! It’s just I left it with my brother when…’

‘Because he hasn’t got one?’

‘Well, yes… but…’ Derek sighs, ‘Just forget it.’

They push through the swinging doors back into the hall.


They can see someone moving around in the adjoining room.

‘Great! A doctor! He probably knows where I can find dad!’

‘I wouldn’t go…’

But Derek has already pushed the door open… ‘Sir, could you tell me if you know where I could find Don Vargas?’

‘… in there if I were you.’ Cade finishes his sentence and with a sigh he draws his gun and follows Derek.


Derek realizes his mistake a little too late but Cade puts casually a bullet through the zombie doctor’s head.

‘Are you fucking crazy? You could have killed me!’

With a glance Cade makes sure that the woman is secured to the chair, ‘But I didn’t. I probably saved your life.’

He puts away the gun, and peeks through the door. Derek glares at him, feeling stupid for losing his composure, swearing to himself never to make that same mistake again.

‘That makes us even,’ he grumbles.

Cade doesn’t look at Derek – ‘You didn’t really save my life, you just unlocked the handcuffs.’ – as he carefully opens the door to the corridor. ‘We should get away before the gunshot gets us in trouble.’


‘What do you mean?’

‘Shht.’ Cade continues, lowering his voice to a whisper, ‘They – the zombies – react to noise.’

‘Oh…’ Zombies!?! Derek fights the urge to ask questions and they continue in silence for a while.

‘Here. I think you should have something to defend yourself with.’ Cade fumbles in his boots and withdraws a mean looking knife.

‘Thanks.’ Derek weighs the knife in his hand.

‘Just go for the head. It’s the only thing that stops them.’

Derek nods, drawing his thumb along the edge and watching the blood drop to the floor before the wound instantly heals. A low growl and the sound of feet shuffling interrupts them. Cade meets his eyes and they grin at each other before stepping around the corner…


They find the huge library, where Cade knows there should be a staircase leading to the director’s private apartment. But the walls have caved in and the stairs are filled with jumble.

‘We could just jump over…’ Cade falls on his knees and looks at the zombie trapped under a large rock, ‘… her.’ He frowns, ‘… and climb. But there’s the guy up there.’

The two zombies growl and hiss, gesticulating and drooling. Derek takes out his knife and throws it right between the eyes of the creature above which slumps forward with a gurgling sound. Cade whistles and looks at Derek with admiration.

Derek grins, ‘After you.’


The library stretches over two floors. After climbing the jumble on the stairs, they have to cross over to the far part of the huge room. They try to keep out of sight of the zombies wandering aimlessly around, but it’s impossible. Slowly they move forward, silently killing off the creatures they encounter, keeping their backs free.

Derek cleans the blade on one of the zombies’ hospital shirt. ‘I think these were the last ones…’ Where’s Cade? He looks around him and sees a door ajar. ‘Cade?’

‘Shhht!’ Cade grabs him and puts a hand over his mouth, but it’s too late. ‘I sure hope you run fast.’

He lets go of Derek and runs into the zombie filled screening room. Derek hesitates for a split second, then follows right behind Cade, sprinting up towards the scene, turning right and oh shit! Cade jumps a huge chain-link fence that blocks the access to the stairs behind.

‘What are you waiting for!?! C’mon! RUN!’

Derek takes a deep breath and lunges forward, scrambling over the fence and falling in a heap on the other side. He crawls quickly out of reach of the bloodthirsty bunch pressing towards the metal fence trying to reach him.


Derek throws his dad’s medical journal on the desk and puts the passport in his back pocket.

Cade scrutinizes his face. ‘Something in there you didn’t want to know about?’

‘Sort of…’ He leans casually back in his chair and returns Cade’s stare. ‘So… what’s the next step?’

Cade hesitates. ‘We have to get down there again. Your dad’s in the right wing. Irony of sorts, not far from where you found me.’

‘So… Are you going to tell me what you’re doing here? You don’t seem to be looking for anyone.’

Cade leans back in the comfortable armchair and hesitates.


‘I had something to take care of…’

Cade doesn’t develop, so Derek changes the subject. ‘How are we getting out of here?’

‘The same way we got here.’ Cade takes a chair and breaks off the legs. ‘We’ll stake them in their rotten heads!’ He twirls the piece of wood like it was a samurai sword, ‘Right through the fence. And when there’s no one left, we’ll climb out again. Easy.’


It wasn’t that easy, but they got out and back to the right wing, killing their way through the zombies.

‘Stop crying, for god’s sake. I can hear that old heart of his beating from a distance.’

Derek refrains from answering something harsh. ‘I don’t think he can walk.’

‘Yeah. I figured as much. We can’t take one of the hospital beds in the corridor, they’ll make too much noise. I guess we’ll have to carry him…’


Cade puffs, ‘He’s heavy, your old man.’

Derek grins. ‘Lucky for you he’s lost some weight, you should have seen him last year…’

Then he stops abruptly and signals for Cade to be quiet. There’s some movement just around the corner and they quietly back away before being discovered.


Derek and Cade makes slow progress, stopping and hiding.

‘Hurry! There’s someone coming!’

‘Hurry? Your old man weighs a ton!’

But Cade speeds up the pace anyway and they turn the corner before whatever was coming out from the room could see them.

‘We have to make your dad fit for fight – or at least fit for walking – otherwise we’ll never get out of here.’

Derek knows he’s right, but just seeing his dad slumped over Cade’s shoulder makes him doubt he’ll ever be able to stand on his own feet…


They’re lucky to find the showers – empty! Cade lets Don down in a shower stall and turns on the water.

‘This should do the trick.’

‘Wait! He’s been through a lot, I don’t think a cold shower is what he needs.’

Cade strips down, ‘We don’t have any coffee, do we?’ and jumps singing into another shower.

He’s crazy. He must be… But the cold shower thing seems to work, as Don starts shivering and wailing.


Derek drags his dad out of the shower and props him against the wall.

Don squints at him. ‘Derek?’ A faint smile draws the corners of his mouth upward. ‘I knew you would come, son…’ He grabs Derek’s arm and looks suspiciously around him, ‘But I have to warn you, there’s been an accident and there are dangerous people and… and…’ He yawns and leans his head against the wall. ‘I’ll just take a little nap…’

‘Shht dad, everything will be all right.’

Cade has finished showering and is checking his wounds. ‘He’ll be ready to go in a couple of hours. We’ll stay here and rest until he wakes up.’

Derek nods, ‘That looks ugly…’

Cade passes absentmindedly a hand over the nasty wound on his hip and squints at his image in the mirror, ‘I guess it must have been wolfsbane on the bullet the warden shot me with. Ouch! It still hurts a bit…’

‘Wolfsbane? That’s why you don’t heal?’

‘I’m healing, all right. But not as fast as usual…’ He meets Derek’s gaze in the mirror. ‘A night’s sleep would do the trick. Or a quickie.’

‘A quickie? You mean that… err, making love speeds up the whole healing process?’

‘Nah…’ Cade laughs and pulls on his jeans, ‘But it makes you forget the pain!’ He slaps Derek’s shoulder. ‘Now try to get some rest, I’ll take the first watch…’


After a couple of hours, Don wakes up and declares he can walk, as long as they get out of there! They make it through the corridors again without incident, Don grumbling to himself all the way. He hesitates when they approach the canteen.

‘There are probably “people” inside… Are you sure this is the only way out? Why can’t we just jump out a window?’

Cade sighs, ‘Duh, because the windows have iron bars. And we can’t break them, believe me, we’ve tried. Now stop bitching and be quiet.’

Don grumbles but he follows Cade and Derek anyway. Cade stops and peeks around the corner, making a gesture for Derek and Don to get down low. They start walking on their hands and knees, keeping out of sight of the canteen windows.

Don can’t help himself, he peeks discreetly into the brightly lit room, and stops. ‘Psst.’

Derek and Cade pause and turn their heads.


‘There are kids in there! We have to get them out!’

‘Shht. C’mon, we have to keep moving.’

Don watches them get down on their knees again, then he turns around and pushes the door to the canteen open.


‘Hey! Kids! We’re here to get you out!’ he hollers.

‘Wait here!’ Cade draws his gun and hurries after Don. But he slips on something on the floor and Derek rushes growling in to help him.

‘Remember: don’t turn into a werewolf!’ Cade cries out to him, ‘You mustn’t bite them!’

Derek does his best not to the stress and anger get the best of him and slicing and shooting they make their way over to Don, just in time.


But there’s no way they can get back out the same way.

‘Derek! They’re in there!’ Derek looks in the direction his dad is pointing and can see a young boy signalling for them to approach. Cade resolutely throws Don over his shoulder and together they move towards the doors to the kitchen.


‘Hurry!’ Derek swears and kicks in the door. They dash through, the teenage boy rapidly closing it after them.


Cade throws Don unceremoniously on the floor before leaning against the door to keep it from opening again. ‘We have to barricade it!’

‘My hero!’ A redheaded girl throws herself at Derek who stumbles backwards.

‘Ohmigod!’ Another girl is kneeling in front of Don. ‘He’s not dead is he?’

‘Not yet. But he’ll soon be if you don’t help me barricade this freaking door!’


Together they push one of the heavy tables in front of the entrance.

The three teenagers speak at the same time, ‘Oh my God. I can’t believe you’re here! Is it the government who sent you?’

‘To help us out?’

‘Where are the others?’

‘The others?’ Derek looks bewildered at the boy.

‘Do you mean there’s just the two of you? And… him?’ The boy looks around in search of Don.

‘Look! There are apples.’ Don bites into a juicy red apple, the liquid flowing down his chin.

He throws one at Derek who catches it in the air. ‘Geez. I didn’t realize how hungry I am!’

Leann has been staring at Cade, ‘You’re hurt! Let me help you.’

‘I’m OK.’ Cade flinches,’ Just give me one of those apples and let’s go.’


‘You can’t mean we have to go out there?’ There’s panic in Mitchell’s voice.

Cade munches on the apple, ‘Is there another way out of the kitchen?’

‘Err… no.’

‘Well, it’s settled then. We’re going out.’

They grab some kitchen knives before leaving. Cade goes out first, drawing the attention to him, and Derek follows, swiftly killing off the zombies from behind, while Don and the three teens unseen sneak out from the canteen. The maneuver is successful, and the six of them manages to get away without getting hurt.


They follow an empty corridor lined by doors. Seeing the others throwing scared glances towards the doors, he knows he’s not the only one hoping they are locked. The lack of movement and the firmly closed doors doesn’t make the corridor seem less scary though. A blond doll is blocking their way.

‘Don’t touch it!’

‘It’s haunted!’

‘Really?’ Cade picks the doll up and fakes a conversation that make the two girls giggle.

‘I don’t think you should play with it.’ Mitchell seems concerned.

‘I’m not playing.’


Cade puts the ugly doll back towards the wall. They continue to the far end of the hallway, where they enter a circular room…


‘Derek! Come over here and take a look.’

Derek leaves his watch by the door and saunters over to where Cade is leaning on the railing, watching something below. Cade points at the creature sitting back bound on a chair and Derek recognizes with horror the warden. The man hisses and growls, white foam spilling from his mouth.

Leann and Jen adventure a glance over the edge, ‘Who’s that?’

Mitchell is on his knees, looking down. ‘I think it’s Andrew…’

‘Oh my God. He was always so kind to us…’ Leann breaks down, and Jen stirs her gently away from the terrifying sight.

Cade’s eyes meet Derek’s. ‘Mercy. Remember?’

Derek nods and swallows. The warden has transformed into a raging zombie in a couple of hours. He looks at his dad over by the window, and turns back to Cade. ‘What are our chances?’ he whispers.

‘The two of us? No problem. But with them…’ Cade nods towards Jen trying to console a crying Leann, and lets the sentence hang in the air.

Derek looks at Mitchell, who he somehow doesn’t trust, and his exhausted dad.


‘I wonder what they did to the poor guys down there.’ Mitchell points at the operating table.

‘You don’t want to know, Mitchell.’ Don’s voice is raspy and low, filled with horrible memories.

‘We have to get moving.’


‘Shht.’ Cade motions Derek over to his side.

‘Shit!’ The ward is filled with zombies. He looks questioningly at Cade.

‘If we run fast enough, they won’t even have the time to react. See that door over there?’ Derek nods. ‘OK. I count to three, and I lead. Just go straight for the door.’

‘What if it’s locked?’

‘Well. Then I guess it’s over.’ They lock eyes, and Derek slinks back to tell the others about their plan. He doesn’t tell them about the number of zombies though…


They make it through the ward, taking the zombies by surprise, running for their lives. Cade urges them on, holding the door open for them as they rush through. Leann doesn’t see the gaping hole in the floor before it’s too late. Screaming she falls… Derek skids to a halt just in time, arms flailing, stopping the others.


With a thud Leann’s body hits the floor far below. Don and Mitchell block the door with a hospital bed while Cade jumps down with catlike grace to examine the girl.

‘She’s breathing, but I think her leg’s broken. The crates saved her life!’

Derek throws down some sheets rapidly gathered from the abandoned beds scattered around, and together with Don, they pull Leann up in a make shift stretcher. Jen brings forward a wheelchair and they install an unconscious Leann as comfortably as they can.

‘Are you coming up right away, Cade?’

‘No, I’ll be a minute – I’ll check for an issue first.’

Cade rummages around downstairs for a little while, before calling up to them. They throw down the sheet for him so he can climb up again.

‘There’s no way out down there.’ He whispers to Derek.

‘So we have to go back?’

‘Yeah.’ They both look over to where Jen and Mitch are hovering around Leann.

Don comes over. ‘So? What happens now?’

‘We’re going back.’


But this time the zombies are waiting for them. They have to fight their way through, Cade empties his gun opening the passage, and Derek, Mitchell and Don tries to protect Jen steering the wheelchair with a still unconscious Leann.


They make it through the ward, turning right to where Cade saw a door when they rushed through the first time. The door leads to a kind of recreational room, with couches and a grand piano. They block the door with a heavy sofa and can finally breathe. But suddenly they freeze, all hairs standing on their necks when they hear a snarl behind them…


There’s blood and corpses everywhere… Derek breathes hard. I got the bastard. He drags himself up on his knees and crawls over the zombie who was molesting Leann. His jaw feels like it’s broken and he runs his tongue over his teeth to check they’re still undamaged. He spits some blood on the floor and stands up.

Cade lifts up Leann from the wheelchair with infinite precaution and lays her inert body down on the couch. Her sweatpants are drenched in blood, and he recoils when he uncovers her leg.

‘How is she?’ Mitchell drags himself out from under the sofa where he’s covered during the whole fight.

‘She’ll be all right, won’t she?’ Jen wrings her hands, her eyes darting between Cade’s face and Leann’s bloody mess of a leg.

Cade doesn’t answer, ‘We must get out of here. Take what you can to fight with.’

With a violent kick, he breaks a leg of one of the coffee tables and hands it to Jen. ‘Here.’

Derek withdraws his knife from the zombie’s eye. ‘OK. We’re out of here.’

‘But we can’t leave Leann?’ Mitchell looks imploringly at Cade who answers harshly,

‘She’s as good as dead.’

Cade is staring accusingly at Mitchell until he looks away, embarrassed by his own cowardice. Ashamed, he walks away from the group, and frustrated leans his forehead against the wall and aims a vicious kick.

‘Aw shit! Come here! Look! Holy crap!’ He gesticulates towards a small hole in the wall, ‘Look! There’s a way out!’

Derek is already kicking away, trying to make it bigger, and Cade joins in. Bricks and plaster fall down onto the bushes below and the hole is soon large enough for a person to pass through.

Derek dries the sweat on his brow with the back of his hand, ‘Do you think you can jump, dad?’

Don doesn’t think so but he would never tell. Derek goes first, then Don and Mitchell. Jen doesn’t want to leave Leann, but she knows she has to. With a last kiss on her best friend’s burning forehead, she says goodbye and jumps crying down onto the lawn.


Cade watches her land safely, before taking one of the soft cushions on the sofa and putting it in front of his gun. He closes his eyes as he uses the very last bullet.

Part II – End of Chapter 17

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  1. This chapter was a creepy one, in a good way! I’m glad Derek was able to rescue his dad, but sad that Leann didn’t make it. 😦 Good chapter! 🙂

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      2. I use lots of them, must have over a hundred downloaded – but my favorites are IMHO, Traelia, Clover, Zhi, Simsimi… The list is endless and they’re all very good! Check MTS, or just “bing” the kind of poses you need.

      3. Thank you so much 🙂

        I’m actually planning to do a story on the sims 3. I was inspired by the grey witches.

  3. Oh, i’m so glad they found the dad and he’s all right. Poor guy, they chucked him under the cold shower…
    The set is absolutely amazing, and that doll was creepy, I kinda expected it to turn up in a later scene staring at them 😀
    Quite unfortunate that Leann did not make it…

    The new dude is very intriguing though… hm-hm… 🙂

    1. Oh, the doll is really creepy, and I think it will turn up in a later episode! And Cade is… yeah, well, intriguing… and rather tasty 😉 He’s a creation of Eden’s, check out her site – it’s a real mancandy store!!!

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