02-18 The Pack

Dementé Insanatorium…


A strange visitor teleports himself into the isolation cell where Cade has locked up Professor Edmund Flynn


If the passengers in the stolen black SUV had turned their heads, they might have seen a pulsating bright light stationed in front of one of the second floor windows.


It stays only for a brief moment, then it takes off with its precious passenger, quickly fading into the dark clouds…


Cade takes them to a motel far enough from the Insanatorium, “Sleazy Night’s Motel”, where he already has a room paid for.


He backs the large black car into a parking spot next to his Harley. Derek waits patiently until Cade has finished maneuvering before parking his own motorbike, and rapidly following the others into the small, now crowded, room.


Derek slumps down on one of the beds, next to Jen. ‘Where’s my dad?’

‘In the bathroom. I’m next for the shower – just so you know.’ Jen rolls over on her stomach and yawns.

‘We can’t stay too long. People will start asking questions.’

Mitchell turns on the TV, ‘You’ve paid for this room for how long?’

‘I planned on staying another week, but that’s not the problem. We have to leave before someone comes looking for you. I don’t think we have more than a couple of days before the place is crawling with cops…’ Cade addresses Derek, ‘Your dad needs new ID, and you too.’ He draws on his cigarette. ‘I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving!’

‘I saw a candy machine outside,’ Mitchell drawls.

Jen perks up, ‘Let’s raid it!’ Derek stands up, ‘OK, I’ll come with you, Jen.’


There are two machines – sodas and candy. Derek gives some change to Jen who choses her candy, but nothing happens…


‘Have you got anywhere to stay? Family?’

Mitchell doesn’t look away from the TV. ‘I have two sisters back in Midnight Hollow.’

Cade frowns. ‘Where the fuck’s that? Never heard of it.’


‘Still don’t know where it is.’

Mitchell sighs. ‘The Simlish government brought me here with my uncle, Edmund Flynn.’

Cade freezes. So Professor Flynn is his uncle… Was his uncle… He clears his throat. ‘And what about Jen? Has she got family you both can stay with?’

‘I don’t know. I think her mom’s family is from Lucky Palms, so I guess there’s were she’ll be heading…’

They’re interrupted by Derek and Jen who stumbles through the door, their arms filled with sodas and candy bars.

‘We hit jackpot!’ Jen giggles.

Cade picks up a candy bar from the floor ‘Milky Way?’

‘My favorite!’ Derek snatches it away.

‘Hey!’ Cade leaves the candy to the teens and opens a coke. ‘First…’ He swigs from the can, ‘we’ll have to get rid of the car. Derek, take your bike and follow me. Jen and Mitch, you’ll just keep a low profile. Jen?’ But Jen’s already fallen asleep.

Mitchell yawns. ‘OK. Don’t worry about us. I’ll lock us up in here and take a bath…’


A poor woman is taking shelter at the bus stop, watching Derek and Cade leave the motel in the drizzling rain.


Derek follows Cade through the forest and out onto some cliffs overlooking the large river. With a grim smile Cade accelerates and runs the car over the cliff, bailing out at the very last moment!


Together they watch the car slowly sink, and they stay until there’s not even a bubble at the surface that could give away what just happened.

Cade sits behind Derek, ‘Have you ever thought about getting a Harley?’

Derek doesn’t even glance backwards, revving up the engine. ‘Nope.’


Exhausted, they sleep through the day, waking up late in the afternoon.

‘I have friends not far from here… They’ll help us get clean clothes and new ID. And they probably have something that gets the Wolfsbane out of my system.’ Cade draws deeply on his cigarette, looking thoughtful. ‘Let’s go.’


Derek and Cade leave the motel in the setting sun. The woman is still there, watching them drive away.


They stay away from the highway, driving through the dense forest on empty roads.


Just before midnight they enter a small town.


When they turn into the parking lot at “Varg’s Tavern”, they meet a police car slowly on its way out.


It brakes and almost stops, the two stops cops scrutinizing the newly arrived bikers…


Apparently satisfied that the newcomers seem calm enough, the cops speed up, turning out of the parking lot and away from the seedy bar. Derek realizes he’s been holding his breath.

Cade chuckles. ‘Looks like we’ve missed out on some action, Der’!’


They leave their bikes with the other Harley’s. I can see why Cade asked me about my bike… Derek smiles to himself. They walk through the sparse crowd and take a seat at the bar. Cade lights a cigarette and orders two beers. Derek looks surreptitiously around. The crowd has noticed them alright, but Cade seems to be at ease so he lets himself relax. A guy sides up to the bar and asks if there’s somebody interested in playing pool.

‘Go ahead, Der’. I have some business with the guy over there in the corner.’


Derek follows the guy over to the pool table.

‘I’m Jaaz. How much?’

Derek hesitates. He doesn’t have much money left, but these guys don’t seem to play for nothing. ’50.’

Jaaz looks up from racking the balls. ‘OK. 8-ball? You can break for 50.’ He winks to his friends.


Cade takes his beer and makes his way through the crowd. He stops in front of the table and swigs from his bottle.

The dark guy looks up at him and sneers. ‘You’ve lost something?’

Cade doesn’t answer, just swigs again from his beer, waiting for the bald man to acknowledge him.

‘Well, hon, I asked for a beer. Not four damn cocktails! Just take them away. Please.’

The girl picks up the tray, checking Cade out. Cade raises his beer and nods to the man on the couch, ‘Hi Dwayne. Long time no see.’

‘I’ll be damned! Cade Farrow!’ The bald man jumps up and hugs Cade. ‘What happened to you? We all thought you were dead!’

‘Nope. Doesn’t seem so.’ He hugs Dwayne back.

‘How long has it been? Four years? Five?’


‘Yeah… Well, life goes on. Meet my second, Regner Murder.’

Murder? Really? Cade lifts his eyebrows and nods to the dark man who hasn’t budged from his seat.

‘Come sit with us!’ Dwayne pulls up a chair and slumps down on it, addressing the girl who has been hovering by the table. ‘And bring us another round, Bailey. No, wait.’ He raises his voice, ‘Drinks on me! Cade’s back!’

Everyone cheers and catcalls. Cade makes a mock bow to the audience and slumps down on the couch next to Regner.


The girl Bailey is soon back with the drinks, smiling to Cade. Regner pulls her down next to him, making a big show out of letting Cade know the girl belongs to him. Cade ignores them and swigs his beer.

Dwayne leans in towards Cade, lowering his voice. ‘You must tell us what happened. What about those wounds? Wolfsbane?’

‘Yeah.’ He touches the wound on his cheek. ‘I took care of Professor Flynn. He won’t cause us any more trouble.’

Dwayne nods. ‘You took your time.’

‘Yeah, something came up.’

‘I see…’


Cade glances over at the guys playing pool. Jaaz is good, but Derek is better. Soon there’s a little crowd gathering, watching the game.


There’s a kid wiping the floor with Jaaz. There’s some money to be made…’

‘Uh-huh… You can’t be serious? Jaaz’ never lost a game of pool since I know him?’ Rainflower Ivy surveys the bartender, ‘A little more tequila, bro’! Then you can add the lime… and shake…’

‘Well, Flo. He’s losing right now…’


Derek downs the balls with one smooth direct stroke after another…


But the guys watching don’t like it. They’ve bet on Jaaz, and now it seems they’re losing their money…


‘Hey, you!’ Derek freezes. ‘C’mon over here!’

He sighs and turns towards the huge pale man sitting on the stairs.

‘Yeah, you boy!’ The man beckons him over with an enormous gloved hand.


Derek approaches the man cautiously. ‘How old are you, boy? 15? 16?’

‘Old enough.’

‘Oh… So you mean you’re legal?’ He looks at Derek with an exaggerated quizzical look on his face, but Derek just stares back. ‘Well, good for Cade…’ The man draws grimaces and nods, ‘I always thought he liked girls. But what the hell… Six years’ a long time…’

The ginger giant smiles evilly and makes a vulgar gesture with his tongue, creating a bulge in his cheek. Derek closes his fists harder around the cue and glares at him. Their eyes lock, and the man rises, towering over Derek, ‘Now get back to the game or I’ll use that cue on you! And dude, you won’t like it!’


Derek turns around, but the ginger giant murmurs behind his back just loud enough for him to hear it, ‘Or maybe you will. Like it…’

Derek closes his eyes and counts to ten before getting back to his game. There are no more incidents and twenty minutes later he pockets the 8-ball. Jaaz and his friends hand him the money, and Derek counts the bills on his way to the men’s room. 250 §! Wow!


The three men burst into the bathroom while Derek washes his hands. ‘This is not the way we use to do things around here, dude!’

‘Really?’ Derek doesn’t look up. ‘And what’s your way?’

‘Don’t talk back to me. Pup!’ The other men nod and murmur approvingly. ‘How old did you say you were, boy?’ The ginger pushes on, ‘Legal?’

Derek raises his eyebrow and meets the ginger giant’s stare in the mirror. ‘Old enough to wipe that stupid smile off your face.’

The man’s cheeks turn red with fury, ‘Really? And how would you do that?


Two minutes later Derek is pushed backwards towards the brick wall in the alley behind the bar.

‘First I’ll smash those milk teeth in, and then I’ll break your nose. Maybe that’ll give you a grown-up look.’

The two henchmen laughs, and the massive redhead closes his fist and lands it on Derek’s jaw. Derek grunts with pain and spits blood onto the ground.

‘Did you see that one coming? No? Oh, you’ve never been in a fistfight before, have you, boy?’

Another punch in Derek’s stomach makes him double over.

‘Get up, dude! I won’t beat a man on his knees.’ The giant chuckles to himself and makes the joints in his knuckles crack.


Derek stands up and wipes blood from his mouth.

‘Don’t. Call. Me. Dude.’

The giant looks mockingly at him. ‘Dude?’ He throws his head back and roars with laughter, followed by his friends. Then everything happens in an eye blink. Derek uses the wall as support to tackle the muscular man, the fall pushing the air out of his lungs.

‘You didn’t see that one coming, huh?’ A vicious kick sends the giant slumping into the fence. ‘Dude.

Derek turns to face the other two, now circling him…


‘There you are! Did I miss out on something?’ Cade’s mocking voice interrupts Derek who’s watching his broken fingers reset…


He stands up facing the three men. The older holds his hand out, ‘I’m Dwayne. Welcome to the pack, son.’


Dwayne leads the way back to his home.

His wife, Erica, comes shuffling downstairs at the sound of the motorcycles, knotting her bathrobe and grumbling, ‘Have you ever used that fancy watch I bought you for Christmas, Dwayne Wolff?’

Dwayne just pecks her on the cheek, ‘Hi, hon. I brought someone home for breakfast!’, and steps aside so she can see Cade.

‘Well, well, well. Look who the cat brought in? We all thought you were dead!’

Cade lifts her up in a bear hug, ‘I’ve missed you, Erica!’

‘Put me down!’ Erica giggles, and steadies herself holding on to his arm, giving her long hair a quick smooth. She turns towards Derek. ‘And who is this? What have you done to the poor kid?’ She tuts. ‘We’ll have to take care of those cuts…’

But Derek is already sleeping, his head in his arms, when Erica comes back with disinfectant and rolls of gauze. She puts everything down on the table with a disapproving look at the beers and the cigarettes, ‘Well. Sleep is the best healer anyway.’

She turns towards Cade. ‘And what happened to your pretty face?’

Bailey leans over and pulls his hair back to show Erica, but he grabs her hand. ‘Don’t.’

Flushed she lets go. Erica frowns, ‘Those cuts look really ugly… Wolfsbane?’

Cade shrugs. ‘Yeah. I thought you might help me?’

Erica beckons Bailey to follow her, ‘We’ll be right back.’

Once in the master bathroom, Erica closes the door behind them. ‘He’s off limits, Bailey. He’s not for you, Dwayne has greater plans for him, and you’re Regner’s girl, aren’t you?’

Bailey blushes and mumbles something unintelligibly.

‘Great. Now that’s settled, let’s find that paste.’ Erica rummages through the pharmacy. ‘Ah, here it is!’ She holds up a small tube. ‘You’ll take this paste and massage it into the wounds. It will hurt as hell, but it’s the only way to heal him without leaving ugly scars… I’ll fry some bacon and eggs, those men need something more filling than beer for breakfast…’


Bailey sees to Cade’s wounds, letting her fingers linger longer than necessary when she massages in the paste. Her heart beats so fast he must surely hear it and she can tell he’s not insensitive to her presence.

‘I need to wash my hands.’ She hurries off, and hesitates at the stairs, meeting Cades eyes an instant, sending a message. She dashes into the master bathroom but leaves the door unlocked. Quickly she washes her hands before putting some toothpaste on a finger and brushing her teeth with it. Then she checks her hair and pinches her cheeks. She pouts seductively at her image in the mirror, and waits. After what seems like an eternity, she understands he isn’t coming. Bastard!


‘Where’s Bailey?’

‘Dunno. Probably the bathroom.’

‘Bailey! Breakfast!’

‘Coming.’ Bailey walks back into the kitchen, rearranging her skirt, a strained smile on her face.

Her eyes dart towards Cade who just smiles devilishly, focusing Erica, ‘Jeez. That smells good Erica. I could eat a horse!’


Wilhelmina, Dwayne and Erica’s daughter, is hiding behind the sofa. She can’t hear everything that’s being said but she can see what’s going on under the table.


Erica’s bacon is the best, but Bailey can’t eat. She tries to catch Cade’s eye but he doesn’t even look her way, just keeps on eating and talking while all the time playing with her feet under the table and making her squirm in anticipation.


At last she can get up from the table and help Erica clean away the empty plates. Regner catches Cade watching Bailey. Cade meets his eyes and the tension between the two men is tangible.

Dwayne pushes back his chair, ‘Let me show you something…’


He takes them into the garage, where he pulls off a grey protection and uncovers a sleek Margaret Vaguester.

‘Just got her back from the overhaul. New paint, new plates…’

‘Wow… A real beaut.’ Cade whistles. ‘But lime? Isn’t it a little too… flashy?’

Dwayne scratches his unshaven chin. ‘Maybe, but the cops never check a car you can see from a mile!’

‘Yeah,’ Regner adds, ‘and this babe’ll outrun anyone, no problem!’

Dwayne opens the hood and soon the three men are discussing the V10 engine with its new turbocharger unit. Regner seems to be an expert, and is soon on his back under the car, doing some last minute adjustments with the Nitrous Oxide cylinders, while Dwayne is doubled over the engine with his sleeves rolled up. Nobody notices Cade slipping away…


Cade grabs Bailey as she walks past. He pulls her towards him with a hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. ‘Shhht… It’s just me, Cade.’


He turns her towards him and gestures towards the office. Bailey just nods.


As soon as they’re in the office, Cade kicks the door closed and kisses Bailey hard. He lifts her up and carries her over to the desk where puts her down.


They tear at each other’s clothes, the secrecy and danger of discovery making it all the more exciting…

Cade goes first, blowing a kiss to Bailey before whistling leaving the small office and joining the others in the garage.


Bailey walks briskly towards the living room, rearranging her clothes on the way, trying to regulate her breath and look inconspicuous, when a voice from upstairs makes her stop.

‘I saw you in the office, Bailey!’ Wilhelmina is sitting on the stairs, a smirk on her vixen face.

‘Shut up, you little monster! Or I will tell your parents you weren’t sleeping but running around outside!’

Wilhelmina just stares deadpan at her and reaches out her hand. ‘50 §.’

Bailey opens her mouth to say something, but thinks better of it and pulls out a crumpled note from her skirt pocket.

Wilhelmina throws a quick glance at it, ‘It’s only 20 §?’


The young girl pockets the money and scurries up the stairs, stopping to say, ‘You can bring me the rest next time!’

With a last menacing glance after Wilhelmina, Bailey walks back into the kitchen where the men are back from the garage. Regner looks at her with an inscrutable look on his face, blowing smoke through his nose and killing his cigarette. ‘I’ll take you home.’

‘Yeah, fine.’ Bailey’s eyes dart towards Cade. ‘Nice to meet you… and Derek.’

‘Yeah, take care, Bailey.’

Dwayne is making some calls so he just waves at her and Regner, mouthing ‘Bye, see you,’ while continuing his conversation, ‘Yeah… ID’s… uh-huh… Tomorrow morning? OK. Fine. And a cell… Good…’


Cade almost has to drag a protesting Derek downstairs. Derek throws his clothes in the basket and stares at his body in the mirror. It never ceases to amaze him how fast he heals.

‘Get into the shower, you dirty bastard! I won’t share a room with you stinking like you do!’ Cade taps hot water into the tub and sinks into the steaming water with a contended sigh. ‘But then again you can always sleep in the tub…’

‘No way!’ Derek steps into the shower.

‘Hey!’ What’s that tattoo?’

Derek looks down at his hip. ‘Oh… It feels like I’ve always had it.’ Derek passes his hand thoughtfully over the grinning wolf. ‘It showed when I first changed, like faint outlines, and has become darker since…’

‘Really?’ Cade frowns, ‘Bran?’


‘Nothing… Something just came into my mind…’ Cade closes his eyes again, but the thoughtful frown doesn’t leave his otherwise peaceful expression.


The Wolff’s guestroom is large and smells good of wood from the new paneling. Cade switches on the TV and slumps onto the bed, reaching for the remote control on the bedside table. Derek opens the laptop on the desk. His fingers hesitates over the keyboard, then he resolutely closes the lid.

‘Hey, Der’. You should watch this… They’re talking about the fire.’

‘What fire?’

‘Oh. I forgot to tell you. I set the place on fire before we left.’

‘You set the Insanatorium on fire?’

‘Yeah… I just emptied some gas in the garage, and… Well.’ Derek stares at Cade who looks innocent, ‘What? We couldn’t leave those “things” roaming the neighborhood now, could we?’

Derek rolls his eyes. ‘Of course not! It’s just… I could have helped you.’

Cade smiles, ‘I bet!’

Appaloosa Plains Historical Society


Gracie Loveland has taken the art class to visit the small museum. The outing is a welcome break in the final exams, even though VJ would have preferred to play hooky instead of listening to some boring old woman going on and on about dusty stuff. He stifles a yawn.

Taïga waves at Teddy, ‘Over here! You’re late, I thought you weren’t coming?’

‘Sorry! Did you watch the news this morning?’

‘No, I’ve been in class the whole morning.’ Taïga looks alarmed at Teddy. ‘Something bad happened?’

‘Yes and no. Listen,’ he lowers his voice. ‘There was a fire at a mental institution up at the Canadian border…’

‘… and you think it’s Dementé Insanatorium?’ Taïga adds breathless.

‘Yeah. Don’t you?’ I mean, it’s up there somewhere, and Derek…’ Teddy looks down at his hands.

‘Maybe he was the one who started the fire! To cover up his tracks!’ Taïga tries to sound optimistic, but Teddy doesn’t answer right away.

‘Derek is against the “casualties” system. He wouldn’t start a fire that could hurt innocent people.’

‘So you mean it was an accident, and he… Oh my God!’ She slaps a hand in front of her mouth.

‘C’mon everyone!’ Gracie Loveland calls cheerfully and claps her hands to draw attention, ‘Mrs. Curley will show us the new artifacts donated by Rodney Singleton!’

‘Booker Singleton, dear. Booker Singleton,’ Esme Curley corrects her.


Taïga and Teddy have to follow the other teens up the stairs and they don’t get the chance to talk again before they enter the large showroom.

‘Everything about that place is strange,’ Teddy says in a low voice. ‘There’s absolutely nothing on the net, but mom was positive he’d told her he was being sent to Dementé Insanatorium when he called her from the hospital. Then he was declared contagious and nobody’s seen or heard from him since. Just a short message to mom telling her he was taking part in some top secret research program…’

Taïga nods, she already knows all this, ‘But Thomas hacked into the Dementé database!’* Taïga whispers back.

‘Yes. But it said the government shut it down in 1962…’

‘But I saw the list! There were lots of names!’ Taïga exclaims.

Esme Curley looks disapprovingly at them with pursed lips, tut-tutting.

Teddy leans closer towards Taïga and continues, ‘Uh-huh. Including my dad’s.’ He shakes his head. ‘I was just happy to know he was still alive, but you know that Derek started to seriously plan a rescue mission…’

He closes his eyes and grabs Taïga’s arm to make her stay as the others follow Mrs. Curley out of the room. ‘And now this. I don’t know what to make out of it!’

*See Part II – Chapter 10


Suddenly Teddy breaks down. Taïga puts her arm tentatively around his shoulders, and he doesn’t resist when she pulls him closer. ‘Shhht… I’m sure everything will work out all right…’

‘First dad…’ he sniffs, ‘Then mom… And now Derek.’

‘Hey! I’m still here.’ She holds him at arm’s length. ‘And I trust Derek completely. 100%! If anyone can get your dad home, it’s him. And he’s got a protection spell, remember?’

Teddy dries his tears with the back of his hand and tries to smile. ‘I guess I’m ashamed. I should have gone with him. I suppose you think I’m a coward.’

‘No. You’re just not a daredevil like your brother.’

‘I wish I was…’

‘But you aren’t. And Derek needs you to be just the way you are!’

‘Do you really think so?’

‘Absolutely positive. Yin and yang!’ Teddy finally smiles and Taïga continues, ‘Let’s ask Thomas to help us to hack into SNN (Sim’s News Network) and see if we can find out something more…’



Cade wakes Derek as the sun sets. ‘Wake up sleepy head! You’ve been out like a log. A snoring drooling log!’ He laughs, ‘Time is precious…’

Ten minutes later, they’re ready to leave. Dwayne’s car purrs as Cade drives it out from the garage.

‘Don’t forget the clothes!’ Erica hands over the sack, ‘There’s some of my stuff for the girl, and some of Waylon’s outgrown things…’

‘Thank’s, Mrs. Wolff.’ Cade take’s the sac and throws it on the backseat. ‘C’mon, Der. We have to get back to the motel before dawn!’

Dwayne shakes Derek’s hand. ‘Good luck, son. We’ll be here for you whenever you need us.’

‘Thank’s, Mr. Wolff. For everything.’

‘And bring me that car back without a scratch, Cade!’


As soon as they’re out of town, Cade sighs contentedly and smiles at Derek, ‘Now, let’s see what this babe’s got under the hood…’

He puts some weight on the accelerator and the engine roars. ‘Have you fastened your seatbelt?’

He winks at Derek who quickly fastens the 5-way Camlock style harness, ‘Sure.’

And with a growl the cars roars forward, pushing Derek back in his seat as they go from 50 mph to 130 in a couple of seconds! Wow.

‘Do you want to have a go?’

Derek looks back at Cade dead pan, ‘Isn’t that a dumb question? Pull over!’


‘I’m sure I heard a car!’

‘It’s a motel, Jen! There’re cars coming and going all the time…’


Derek stops at the door to their room, ‘Are you coming, Cade?’

‘Just a sec.’

Cade throws him the sac of clothes and turns towards a woman who has tripped up to their car on high heels. She runs a finger along the hood and licks her lips, glancing up at Cade under lowered lashes, ‘Nice car…’


Jen jumps when the door suddenly opens, ‘Derek! Gosh! We were worried!’


Don hugs him hard and taps his back, ‘I knew you would make it, son!’

Derek hands the sac he got from the Wolff’s to Mitch, ‘Here. I think you’re the one who seems to need it most…’

‘Is it clean clothes?’ Jen looks inquiringly at Derek and snatches the sac from Mitch, ‘I think I need it more!’

Mitch snatches it back and hurries into the bathroom, closing the door in her face, ‘I promise I’ll leave you the lacey stuff!’

Jen swears under her breath and checks for Cade, ‘Where’s Cade?’

Derek nods towards the door, ‘Outside. He had some… Err… business to take care of…’ He continues talking to his dad…

Thoughtfully Jen bites her nail and turns towards the window. There’s movement outside.


Curious, she peeks under the drawn blinds…


She winces when she sees the motel hooker sneak up to Cade and whisper something in his ear…


But Cade recoils from the woman’s touch, holding her at arm’s length, saying something Jen can’t make out.


She quickly backs away from the window as Cade makes his way back in, leaving the woman outside, staring yearningly after him.


They only get a couple of hours sleep before a taxi is honking outside at dawn.


Cade slides into the backseat, motioning for Derek to ride shotgun, ‘I need to talk to your dad.’

He leans towards the driver, giving him the address, adding ‘I wouldn’t mind some music…’

The driver nods and turns up the sound, making Derek wince as Indian Bollywood music blare out of the high speakers. Cade leans towards Don and starts talking in a low whisper, sure Derek can’t hear them with the loud music on…


What Cade says makes Don thoughtful.


Then he decides to talk and tells everything about his research at the Insanatorium, how the “doctors” forced him to make a kind of living robot and how afraid he was the military would use his invention as a weapon…

He hesitates, but decides to keep the secret about the heartshaped diamond to himself, not even the army knows about it…


The taxi takes them far into the woods. Derek tries to listen in on the conversation in the backseat, but only catches bribes; blackmail, plumbots… He finally renounces and lets his thoughts wander back to the day he left Appaloosa Plains… If we can get overseas to Al Simhara without getting caught, I would be able to get back home in a couple of weeks, before graduating… I wonder if Taïga is worried… I hope Teddy watches over her… He closes his eyes briefly, and smiles to himself…


The taxi finally stops in front of a cozy timber cottage where man is waiting for them in the morning mist. Cade jumps out of the taxi, leaving Don to settle the fare. ‘C’mon, Derek. You must meet Pip!’ Pip Goodfellow is not a man of many words, ‘Dwayne called me yesterday, and everything is ready. I just need to take some photos.’


They settle in the living room, and Pip starts rummaging through the papers on a desk. ‘Flora!’ He lifts a pile of papers. ‘I’m sure it’s here somewhere…’ he mutters to himself.

His mother brings him a camera, ‘It was in the kitchen, Pip.’

Pip takes the camera and motions for Don to follow him. Flora looks expectantly at Cade and Derek, ‘Would you like to have some tea? And I just baked some chocolate cookies! With honey.’


The clouds have grown steadily churlish, the rain going from a light mist to a steady drizzle as the same afternoon, they arrive in Sim City.

Cade drives into one of the SCIA  car parks and turns off the ignition, ‘There’s a shuttle leaving every ten minutes or so for the Central Terminal. Have you got everything?’

Derek pats his jacket and feels for his two passports, ‘Yeah.’ He turns around on and nudges his father who’s fallen asleep, ‘Dad?’ Don wakes with a start and looks bewildered around him. ‘We’ve arrived at the airport, dad.’


They get out of the car, and Jen starts crying as she hugs him, ‘I’ll really miss you… Will you stay in touch? Maybe come visit in Lucky Palms?’

Derek hugs her back, a little uncomfortable by her tears, ‘Yeah, I’ll try to.’ He shakes Mitch’s hand, ‘Take good care of her, she’s a nice girl.’

Mitch just nods.

‘The shuttle is coming!’ Don points towards a large bus slowing down to a halt on the other side of the road.

‘Yeah. Well. We made it, bro’.’ Cade slaps Derek’s hand in a high five.

‘Yeah. It seems we did.’

‘Hurry up, son! The shuttle will leave without us!’ Derek turns and hurries after his father…

‘Take care!’


‘Excuse me, sir, but you’ll have to turn off your iPad.’

‘Just a second, miss…’ Derek’s fingers fly, “We’re on the plane. Take off in twenty minutes…”


“There’ll be a package waiting in a locker at the airport with a change of clothes for your father…”


13 hours later, Derek retrieves the small package from the locker at the Al Simhara International airport, while Don nervously waits in the men’s room. Derek passes him the plastic bag under the door, and Don changes into the comfortable Egyptian gallibaya.

Derek stares at his dad emerging from the toilet stall. Self-consciously Don straightens the Tarboosh on his head, ‘What do you think?’

Derek represses a smile, ‘Perfect. Now let’s get out of here.’


The airport is milling with people, but no one – not even the military police patrolling with dogs – glance at Derek and Don as they make their way through the crowd towards the exit.


A fat man pushes everyone aside as he huffing and puffing works his way up the line, and resolutely jumps into the last taxi, pushing Don aside. Derek swears, but there’s nothing they can do but wait outside in the suffocating heat for a new cab to show up.

A large Electrol 3X slows down and stops on the sidewalk. The tinted windows rolls down and an arm signals for them to approach. ‘You’re expected. Get in.’

Don and Derek look at each other and warily approach the large car.

A man in his forties is waiting in the cool back seat, signaling for them to join him. ‘My name is Hassan Badawi. I’m a friend of Dwayne Wolff.’ When Derek is about to get in, M. Badawi nods towards the front seat, ‘You can sit with the driver, I have to talk to your father.’


The car slides silently onto the highway, direction Al Simhara Center.

Derek can see out of the corner of his eye how Badawi hands Don a large brown envelope, ‘There’re keys to a secluded villa on the outskirts of Al Simhara, a new passport for you and your wife…’

Don opens the envelope and peers inside. ‘Wow.’

‘…and 10,000 §. It’s a loan, of course. To help you settle in.’

Don nods, and puts the envelope in his inner pocket.

‘Now we shall go to the market place and meet with your wife. She’s having lunch with the son of a dear friend of mine, Ali Taymur. His son’s name is Zaki Taymur, and he will guide you to your new home…’


The traffic is dense, and the ride takes longer than expected. When they finally reach their destination it’s already 3 p.m. and the usually busy shops are closed and the market place is almost deserted. They try to leisurely walk towards the small restaurant, where they can see Derek’s mother’s red hair standing out against the environment like beacon…


Part II – End of Chapter 18

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2 thoughts on “02-18 The Pack

  1. Eeek – Benjamin Schmidt on the plane ❤

    Really awesome chapter! The pictures are impressive! Can't even begin to imagine how much time you must have spent on them – they are spot on!

    I liked the scenes in the Wolff house… kids are always underfoot and never mind their own business, do they? 😀 Can't blame Bailey though, Cade is definitely something… 😀
    When they got to Egypt and dressed as locals was really a nice touch!

    I love the motel as well. Did you build it? Is there a way to put my hands on that precious? *giggles like gollum*

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