Chapters 50 – 54

Taïga is drifting in a state between dreams and premonitions, going back and forth in time while deeply unconscious. She can’t be awaken without the help of her father’s blood, but Granny, who went on a mission to retrieve it, is still missing.

Rowan thinks he will be able to find his mother, Shasta, if he helps Sprinkler set a little fairy free, but is it really the right thing to do?

Derek wakes up from the plane crash in Africa, but he has lost his werewolf powers and is apparently stuck with a tribe hiding a terrible secret from the outer world. Will he ever get home again?

Missy and Juan prepare for the birth, Juan gets gruffier and gruffier while Missy tries to cope without her older sister and Taïga’s help.

Meanwhile, the Council has moved into Bayou Oaks Manor, eager to keep an eye on their precious young witch…

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I have used some new, fantastic worlds with just the right Detroit/Los Angeles feeling.

Galadrielh – Devil’s Port

Coasterboi – Los Aniegos

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