Summary / Plot of The Grey Witches Part One

This is the story of a family – the Grey Witches.

First we have Tara Grey, an elder solitary witch who, after “throwing out” her teenage daughter Shasta, has spent her time alone with her housekeeper, mixing elixirs in the Cove in Bigwood Falls. She now lives with her granddaughter Taïga, left as an unwelcome present from Shasta. Tara has some trouble adjusting to having a child around and being called Granny, but Taïga progressively wins her over. Granny and Taïga have to leave Bigwood Falls after the Cove mysteriously burns to the ground and they move in first with Granny’s airhead sister in Vulturu, and the three of them finally settle down on the outskirts of Crooked Bayou Swamp in Twin Towns.


Taïga’s beautiful mother has just got married to an Italian count and warlock and they have a son – Rowan. They currently live in Monte Aquila di Valle in sunny Tuscany, Italy.

Last, but not least, we have Taïga, a young witch who shows signs of extraordinary powers already as a child. Which worries her grandmother. Who is the wretched child’s father? Or rather – What is her father? Taïga is like most children her age but the absence of her mother is weighing on her good spirits. She is shy and doesn’t make friends easily, so when she finally starts school in Bigwood Falls, it is a major event in her life. She befriends a young boy, Derek, and his little brother who is in Taïga’s class. Their friendship is going to be the red thread leaping through both parts of this story…

There’s a lot going on in their lives – from the ordinary school days to the mystery of alien invaders and demons called upon by witches-to-be…

Part One covers Taïga’s childhood:

The Chapters are divided by the towns or worlds where the story takes place; Chapter 01 – 18 are situated in Bigwood Falls, etc.

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