About The Grey Witches

Part One

This is the story of three women – the Grey Witches! They move around a lot but they settle down in Twin Towns (my creation) from Chapter 43 on.

First we have Granny Grey, an elder solitary witch who after throwing out her teenage daughter Shasta, has spent her time alone mixing elixirs in the Cove in Bigwood Falls. She lives with her granddaughter Taïga, left as an unwelcome present from Shasta. Granny had some trouble adjusting to having a child around, but Taïga has progressively won her over.

Taïga’s beautiful mother has just got married to an Italian count and warlock and they have a son – Rowan. They currently live in Monte Vista, while Granny and Taïga first moved in with Granny’s evil sister in Vulturu in the Transylvanian mountains after the Cove in Bigwood Falls burnt up.

Last but not least we have Taïga, a young witch who shows signs of extraordinary power already as a child. Granny is worried; Who is her father? Or rather – What is her father?

There’s a lot going on in their lives – from the ordinary school days to the mystery of alien invaders and demons called upon by witches-to-be…

Part Two

Taïga is now a teenager, still living with Granny and Old Missy on the outskirts of Crooked Bayou Swamp in Fairview Heights, Twin Towns. Her half-brother, Rowan, is also staying at Old Oak Mansion since the birth of his brother Frost, a few years ago. Leonardo keeps up the illusion of Shasta still being alive, nourishing the image of a mentally fragile and self-occupied mother, but Taïga can’t shake off the feeling that something is wrong. But being a teenager takes up 100% of her time, leaving little room for worries. She’s singing in a band (IDC), riding and taking care of the old horse Duke, studying and fighting with Rowan.

As Taïga’s 15th birthday approaches, Granny gets more and more worried about her daughter, Shasta. Will she miss out on yet another birthday even though they are supposed to initiate Taïga to her powers as a witch? Maybe it will hurt Shasta to much to see her daughter take possession of her magical heritage, herself not being a witch anymore?

And what about her engagement? Granny has avoided the problem, not wanting to tell her granddaughter that she is already promised to someone. But now the time has come…


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