Poses I Use

I discovered cmomoney‘s poseplayer late into my story, and it was a revelation. I can’t for my life do without it now! My addiction has gone so far that I even add new posed pics to the old chapters…

I warmly recommend checking out the poses section of Mod The Sims 3. So many fantastic creators, just pick and chose. And most of all – have fun!

Here are some of my favorite creators, their poses are used and mixed in almost every chapter:


Beemit / Jessesue: Her site Poses By Bee is by far my main inspiration for kids and portrait poses. She is also on MTS, and on TSR



China Rose

Cobalt Rose Productions: Slices of My Soul & photosimthesis







Inna_Lisa at The Sims Models

Jamee’s Sims 3

Jowita, and her new tumblr; Jowita’s stuff



Khilian’s Lair and The Black Cat



Louise at NotJustaBookSims


ShakespearesSunshyne at Secrets of the Sixkillers


Sofia at Chof-pixls


Sunny at Secrets of the Sixkillers




Carys at Twinsimskeletons


There are many more, I usually mix and match, using about twenty different creators in each chapter… At the moment, my poses folder is containing 3.37 GB, or about 8,505, files and it’s growing regularly. I let you do the mathematics for how many poses there are…

The Creators at Equus Sims for most horse and rider poses:

Anna Foster

Carmen Raymond – RDEC

Urban Hype Sims


14 thoughts on “Poses I Use

  1. Ellecho’s pose dump is the best thing that happened to my story, thanks to Carys’s aka twinsimskeletons recommendation. Almost everything is in there! Thanks for sharing this. Will come in handy.

  2. Okay, last comment, as I think I’ve caught up on everything. I saw in your menu that chapter 2.30 is seperated in the menu and posted twice. I just wanted you to know as it’s probably not deliberate.

    1. No worries, I think you deserve to get more visitors for your poses! I use so many of them in each chapter, that I added a page with the creators I mostly use and where there are links, too. 🙂

      1. I founded a tumblr a few days ago and posted my poses there. Honestly, I’m not an attention-seeker, but I know the struggle of finding the right pose and I think especially my pose dump could be handy to people and that way they are more likely to find it than on WP.

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