Medieval – The Beginning


The beginning of the Grey Witches takes place somewhere during the Middle Ages, sometime after the Black Death has ravaged Europe, in a kingdom that since has ceased to exist…

Our heroine, Valinor, is an orphan brought up by an old crone with healing and magic abilities. She has to take care of herself early, as her mentor dies when Valinor is only 10. Getting by alone, first as child then as a young woman, was extremely difficult back then, when science and healing was magic and magic was heresy…

Women were brought up under their father’s responsibility, then were handed over to their husbands from age 12. They were totally dominated by the male members of their family, who had the right to beat any disobedient girl into submission and defiance was seen as a crime against the all mighty Church who kept the population in check. Marriages were arranged, money and land were more important than love. A woman was expected to instantly obey. But why ask questions? This was the way it always had been…

This is where we find Valinor at age 16. A young woman, extremely beautiful, but also respected and feared for her trade as midwife and physician. She uses her knowledge to heal, but can’t keep away from doing magic – selling her potions to the villagers and soldiers at the castle…

Sire Bran Winterwolf is the Captain of the King’s guard. The model of medieval chivalry, a brilliant horseman and skilled strategist, he excels at all kinds of jousts and tournaments. The ladies swoon over him since he was only a squire, and now he’s a full-fledged Knight, he’s supposed to wed a noble woman. But who?

As Franklin says in “ The Frankeleyns Tale,” women, as well as men, are free by nature:

Love is a thing as any spirit free;
Wommen of kinde desiren libertee,
And nat to been constrained as a thral—
And so doon men, if I sooth sayen shal.


The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer: “The Franklin’s Tale”

lines 95-98

Chapter I

6 thoughts on “Medieval – The Beginning

      1. I could also think of another option. There’s an ambition with no goal and you can check any character with no mission and play them as you want. You can get your kingdom and have two copies of her as a physician and a warlock, and maybe even spy. Then you make them all playable, pick the right one and take pictures

      2. That’s a cool option – I recreated versions of her, as I didn’t save the first one, and then I went on missions. It was a refreshing change, having someone tell you what to do! I will try your suggestion, if only I had know it at the time!

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