Chapters 41 – 49

Taïga has been initiated to her full powers, but something went wrong, terribly wrong. Instead of being chosen by one of the four elements, she is terraced by a powerful surge of electricity which leaves her unconscious. Could it all have to do something with her father being a vampire and she thus a hybrid?

Facetious Sprinkler finds a solution, but a dangerous one which doesn’t prevent Granny from secretly leaving Old Oak Mansion. They will need her father’s blood to heal her…

The story about The Grey Witches will take us all over the world, from the Bayou to Iceland, from there to Canada over Greenland. Then we’ll jump over the Atlantic Ocean to Africa and back again to the US East coast. So, fasten your seatbelts and welcome aboard!

Next chapter

Apart from my own world, Twin Towns, I have used Aurora Skies (Iceland), a store world, and several CC worlds made by very talented creators such as Nilxis Designs, who is a favorite when it comes to world building in The Sims 3.

Saaqartoq by Nilxis Designs (Groenland)

Sa Pineda by Nilxis Designs (Canada)

Ziwa Bonde by Nilxis Designs (Africa)

Mysterious Island by Visty-6 (Canada)

Northeney by Norn on MTS (Canada)


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