APYR – Appaloosa Plains Youth Ranch

Appaloosa Plains Youth Ranch (APYR)

“The Mission of the Appaloosa Plains Youth Ranch is to prevent delinquency and develop strong, lawful, resilient, and productive citizens who will make a positive contribution to the community for years to come.

Hence our motto: Integrity, Quality and Character.”


Standing : Chase Bayless, Elspeth “Evil Bitch” Cook, Derek and Teddy Vargas, Chuck Hobble, Johnny Johnson

Sitting: VJ Alvi, Jupiter Belle, Lil Bling, Taïga Grey, Thomas Castor

Chuck Hobbles : Juveniles Correction Officer.

Johnny Johnson : Handyman. Derek and Teddy’s uncle by marriage.

Derek and Teddy Vargas : from Bigwood Falls. They’re living at the youth ranch with their relative, until next summer, their mother being away doing secret research in Egypt* and their father being kept at the hospital after showing signs of a very strange bulk infection.** Of course no one believed him when he told his story about UFO’s and alien babies, they only locked him up in the psychiatric ward and threw away the key. At least that’s the official story…

*Part I – Chapter 11           **Part I – Chapter 07

VJ Alvi, 17, Sunset Valley, is a very troubled teen. He blames his dad for his mom leaving. He doesn’t have any aspirations in life and is a horrible student. His little brother Miraj exasperates him, making their dad proud because he wants to become a police officer. He spends his time inventing new ways to torment his father; racket, vandalism, bullying… You name it – he’s done it! This is his last chance – next time he’ll go to prison as he’ll soon be 18.

Chase Bayless, 17, Twinbrook, took the fall for her little brother, Tay, who one morning brought his dad’s guns to school to show his friends and caused major mayhem…

Jupiter Belle, 15, Bridgeport, has suffered through his childhood, being the adopted child of famous Lola Belle, followed by paparazzi wherever they went and always treated as a cute and fashion accessory. Lola’s personal trainer, Moxie Logan, introduced him to drugs at an early stage but when he fell in love with his mother’s toy boy, Kai Leiko, his mom finally sent him first to desintox and then to APYR.

Lil Bling, 17, Bridgeport, wanted a taste of everything his old friend from Twinbrook, self-made Rap Star Tom Wordy, had. And Tom humored his talented protégé. But when body guard Big Hartley walked in on Lil Bling getting a taste of his mentor’s girlfriend, Sugar Bijou, the talented young musician was set up and quickly disposed of…

Thomas Castor, 16, Twinbrook, has always tried his best to mind his parent’s traditional family values and strict rules, but despite his good intentions he often ends up finding himself in some sort of trouble. Being a computer wizard he spends his days in the basement, hacking away at one program or another. But hacking into the Twinbrook Police Headquarter’s secret database was not a smart move…

Elspeth Cook (Evil Bitch), 17, Bridgeport, is not a happy teenager. The lack of love in the household has pushed her into rebellion. Promising herself not to follow in her corrupt politician father or groomed-within-an-inch-of-her-life-money-loving mother’s footsteps, she throws herself into the arms of Michael Love who happens to be big movie star Matthew Hamming’s little brother. He also happens to be 24 years old… Soon pregnant with Michael’s child, Matthew Hamming had to use his influence to get his brother out of trouble. Elspeth’s father saw to it minor Elspeth was sent away – first to get an abortion and then straight to Appaloosa Plains… But did she really follow the doctor’s orders?



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