Principal Characters

Granny Grey1

Granny is a neutral, or grey witch. She practices magic that does not harm nor benefit others, even though grey magic may also benefit and harm at the same time…

Granny Grey (4)

Shasta Grey - Di Grisogno1

Shasta is Granny’s broody, egotistical and utterly ambitious only child.

(Deceased Part I – Chapter60)

Taïga Grey - Teenager (3)

 Taïga Grey - Child1

Taïga is Shasta’s daughter with Magnus Darkling . She shows extraordinary and disturbing capacities at an early stage…

Taïga’s teenage braids: New Sea Clover retextured by Jennisim’s


Derek Vargas - Child1

Derek is a young werewolf who triggered the Lycan curse being wounded in Egypt. He is also the most important person in Taïga’s life.

Count Leonardo Di Grisogno dell’Aquila of Monte Aquila di Valle, Tuscany, Italy

Count Leonardo Di Grisogno1

Leonardo is extremely wealthy and well mannered. He married Shasta Grey to get a son and heir to the ancient title. He is besotted with his wife, but he is also a terrible womanizer, having trouble letting go of his bachelor years.

His family owns vineyards all over Italy and France, but Leonardo has always preferred living out his dreams and thus becoming a famous magician – The Dazzler. Which was easy, as he’s also one of  the Old Continent’s last Warlocks…

Seeing his playboy son advance in age without settling down and without getting a son and heir, Leonardo’s father made a pact with a demon on his death bed. The Di Grisogno’s warlock lineage needed to be assured and the price to pay would be Leonardo’s second son. The old man didn’t count on his son falling in love with a witch, who supposedly only can have one child…

It is extremely rare for a witch to have a son. Add the witch’s curse of only having one child… Shasta almost lost her life, giving birth to Rowan but the demon claimed its due. Leonardo had to ensure the deliverance of a second son who finally cost his beloved wife her life.*

*Part I – Chapter 60

Count Leonardo Di Grisogno dell’Aquila and Shasta Grey (deceased) have three children together. Rowan, the legitimate heir to the Di Grisogno dell’Aquila title and fortune, and the twins Frost and Willow.

Rowan Di Grisogno dell’Aquila

Rowan Di Grisogno - Toddler1

Rowan Di Grisogno - Child1

Rowan Di Grisogno - Teen (3)

Rowan Di Grisogno dell’Aquila is Shasta’s second child and firstborn son with Count Leonardo Di Grisogno dell’Aquila. The legitimate heir to the title and Taïga’s half brother. It is extremely rare for a witch to give birth to a son, and even more exceptional when the father is also a Warlock. Add to this his conception on a midsummer night with a full moon during a pagan wedding ceremony and you have a little boy who, in spite of being a second born, will probably grow up to be an extremely powerful Warlock one day…


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