Principal Characters

Granny Grey1

Granny is a neutral, or grey witch. She practices magic that does not harm nor benefit others, even though grey magic may also benefit and harm at the same time…

Granny Grey (4)

Shasta Grey - Di Grisogno1

Shasta is Granny’s broody, egotistical and utterly ambitious only child.

(Deceased Part I – Chapter54)

Taïga Grey - Teenager (3)

 Taïga Grey - Child1

Taïga is Shasta’s daughter with Magnus Darkling . She shows extraordinary and disturbing capacities at an early stage…

Taïga’s teenage braids: New Sea Clover retextured by Jennisim’s


Derek Vargas - Child1

Derek is a young werewolf who triggered the Lycan curse being wounded in Egypt. He is also the most important person in Taïga’s life…


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