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The characters in this story are purely fictitious, as are their opinions and ideas which are in no way representative of my own thoughts.

Welcome to the Grey Witches Blog!

I’m happy you’ve found the way through the meanders of the Internet, ending up on this blog’s homepage. It is/was created to be more of an illustrated book than a blog, so you won’t find my explanations about why and how I’ve written at the end or the beginning of each chapter. You’ll have to figure things out yourself, but, of course, you’re more than welcome to comment and I’ll do my best to answer your posts without spoiling 😉

Some chapters in the first part are being rewritten, and new pictures are being taken. Please, be indulgent.

Just to say, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about the Grey Witches as much as I have enjoyed putting their stories and characters to print.

The Grey Witches Group 3 (3)


Old Missy, Granny, Taïga and Rowan with the Vargas brothers.

Three generations of Grey Witches

Granny Grey, her daughter Shasta and granddaughter Taïga

Kit at The Sims Legacies:

“Granny, Shasta, and Taïga don’t stay in the same place for too long. Perhaps it has something to do with their hobbies. Between the three, and the extended branches of their family, they show some extraordinary potential in the art of magic. This is their story of balancing school, work, magic, demons, and more everyday supernatural adventures of The Grey Witches.

First Post: February 7, 2015
Status: Ongoing

First Impressions: The Grey Witches is the epic saga about a supernatural family that encounter many misadventures. Shrouded in mystery, many of the characters are grown with unique personalities. Much of the story by freja64 is reminiscent of Witches of Eastwick style of storytelling. If the reader is so inclined to sit down for a novel of SimLit, following the family through the long list of chapters will keep them wanting more.”

12 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thanks! I’m actually rewriting the first chapters, where Taïga is still a child, as they were more captions to pics than actual reading material. I hope they now give some more insight to the relationships. I’ve also added some photos…

      1. Ive actually re-read the whole story. I just love the story and all if the characters. You really have alot of talent for storytelling. I cant wait to see what happens when Granny gets back from her quest to save Taiga.

      2. Hi! I’m so glad you took your time to read my story a first time and found it interesting enough to dive into it again! I really hope you’ll like the next chapters… 😉

  1. Hiya! Just wanted to let you know since you asked, I’m offering you any special request for poses. Just one set mind you. Please let me know. You can find me on FB under Jessesue Bee Henry

    1. Hi! It’s winter break here in France so I’ve been away skiing a lot in the Alps. I’m so excited about your offer, I’ve sent you a friend request on FB so now I’ll just have to wait for your confirmation. Can’t wait! 😀

      1. Oh, my, Bee! I just saw your post! I can’t understand why it didn’t pop up as usual??? Anyhow, I’m Jill, and I just followed you on FB. Must say I never venture much onto my account anymore…

  2. Hi i was just wondering if you were continuing to write the story. Ive been waiting anxiously for the next chapter after The Quest. I know sometimes real life happens and was hoping you havent stopped writing all together.

    1. As you said, real life has been really tough this year (I’m a high school teacher :/ ) but don’t worry! I’m on it. When I started to look over the old chapters I felt obliged to upgrade them or I guess they would have put off new readers… So hang on in there, I’ve got some new stuff coming!

  3. Jill, I have 4 beach poses done for you already. Not what you asked for in pics. But some I have come up with myself. Do you have a way for me to talk to you? Like an email? I do have a “Say Hi to Bee” tab on my story site http://www.storiesbybee.com where you can leave it, then I will delete it as soon as I see it.

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