My Sims3 World Map

This is my interpretation of the Simlish World…

MySimsWorldMap v6

Midnight Hollow – I first thought it could be North Alaska with it’s amazing barren landscape and fjords and where there’s hardly no sun in winter. But then Transylvania is much more like it, and I really think this is it!
Hidden Springs – British Columbia or Alberta with their beautiful views of snowclad mountains (Could also be Switzerland…)
Moonlight Falls – Washington, USA (I admit I was a little Twilight ispired!)
Starlight Shores – California, USA (Los Angeles and Hollywood with their starsystem…)
Lucky Palms – Nevada, USA (Las Vegas…)
Appaloosa Plains – Utah, Arizona, USA (or wherever there are cowboys and wild horses!)
Riverview – let’s think Ingalls here! Missouri, Minnesota, USA…
Sunset Valley – is a little like Simpson’s Springfield = everywhere and nowhere! So I went for Northern California, USA
Roaring Heights – Florida, USA (Fort Lauderdale…)
Isla Paradiso – West Indies (Cuba…)
Sim’s University – Harvard, Cambridge, USA…
Bridgeport – Just any big US East Coast City (some says it could be San Fransisco or Portland…)
Twin Towns is my creation and I’d like to think of it as an US East Coast City, possibly in the junction of North and South Carolina.
Twin Brook – Lousiana,USA (The Bayou…)
Aurora Skies – Iceland
Dragon Valley – Celtic Ireland
Barnacle Bay – On the coast between France and Great Britain because the houses are just the same!
Monte Vista – Italy (Tuscany)
Sunlit Tides – Bora Bora in the South Pacific
Champs-Les-Sims, France
Shang Simla, China
Al Simhara, Egypt

8 thoughts on “My Sims3 World Map

  1. I should maybe place Hidden Springs and Twinbrook somewhere else – I don’t know why. But…Amazing map! This is exactly how I always saw it.

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