02-23 Hurt

Avril Lavigne – Slipped Away 


‘She’s in the garden…’

Granny watches through the screen door as Linn approaches Taïga. She can see them talking a little, and then Linn sits down next to her best friend and they hug fiercely. Granny realizes she’s been holding her breath and expires loudly.

‘Are you all right, dear?’ Missy inquires.

‘Yes. I am now… I just wondered if I did the right thing calling Linn…’


Missy takes her favorite book, Wuthering Heights, out onto the second floor balcony, where she can watch over the girls while sipping a glass of ice tea. Granny hovers outside in the garden, tending to the flowers, discreetly keeping an eye on her granddaughter.

Linn stays the whole afternoon, sitting by Taïga’s side, holding her hand and drying her tears. Granny can’t hear what they are talking about, she’s just relieved to see Taïga smile once in a while…

When Linn leaves, she stops by the old lady who’s on her knees pulling at weeds, announcing she’ll be back the next day…


Linn’s daily visits pulls Taïga out of her lethargy and she even starts to come down for the meals.


Taïga’s pale cheeks starts to get a healthy glow, but she’s not her usual dauntless self, letting Linn and Rowan decide what to do and where to go. Rowan and Linn are happy she tags along – a week ago she didn’t even want to get out of bed…

They usually end up at Silver Sands with the IF’s, where playing around in the cool water makes the sweltering, moist August afternoons bearable.


Linn splashes some water on her arms, ‘Have you heard from Loki?’ she asks innocently.

Taïga nods, ‘He’s coming home this week. On Wednesday I think.’


‘I don’t know, Linn. I’ve kind of put all thoughts about him on standby…’

Linn tries to sound casual, ‘Do you still love him?’

‘Love…’ Taïga lets her gaze stray. What is love? Safety? Kindness? Affection? Devotion? She looks at her feet in the clear water. Or is it danger and admiration? Sweet, but excruciating pain? My feelings for Loki pale in comparison with the all-consuming fire Derek awoke in me… Or was it only lust? Fireworks in the moment that would never have lasted, that would have left me feeling as shallow and… and empty as I am feeling now?

‘Do you?’ Linn insists.


Taïga focuses on Linn again. ‘I’m not fair to Loki. Of course I love him…’ But not enough…

‘C’mon girls!’ Bud is calling from afar, ‘We’re going diving from Rattlesnake Cliff!’


Linn and Taïga look at each other and set off in a sprint.

‘Hurry Peaches! Don’t let the guys win!’


Rattlesnake Cliff hovers over the deepest part of the lake. No one has ever dived deep enough to touch the bottom and there’re are lots of tales about what supposedly hides in the black waters. It only adds to the teen’s excitement as they -screaming with terrified delight- one after the other dive or jump from the cliff…


Taïga can’t sleep, she lies with closed eyes, listening to the rhythmic sound of the ceiling fan and the screeching cicadas in the trees. I’m thirsty… She slips out of her bed and tiptoes downstairs. Maybe a cup of herbal tea will make me sleep… Or a book…

She brings the steaming cup into the study, and sips it while she browses through the books on the shelves. Great! Dracula… I’ll keep it for a rainy day… And what’s this? Granny is a Twilight fan? Wow. She’s got all Stephenie Meyer’s books… I’d love to meet a vampire one day. Just hope he’s as handsome as Edward… And what’s this? “Encyclopædia Britannica…”

Taïga is astonished over the sheer number of volumes, there must be at least 50! Maybe there’s something about Rattlesnake Cliff here… When she pulls out the volume with “R” printed on the leather back, she can see something behind. It’s an old, dusty volume that must have lain there for ages. She blows away the dust and admires the painted cover. It seems she has stumbled upon a fairy tale book. I love fairy tales! She sits on the floor amid the collection of books she wants to read later, and carefully opens the first page. The book is about fairies and trolls, and Taïga forgets the time, avidly reading about true love and treason… Turning a yellowed page she admires a drawing of a beautiful forest fairy and she’s just about to put the book down when her attention is drawn by a familiar object in the background. An awful old witch holds a small statue up against the full moon.

She squints to see better, Could it be..? But there’s no doubt – it is a Cowplant… And there seems to be three others at the old crone’s feet… She holds the book up towards the fading light to see better. Something is scribbled in the margin in almost faded ink; … ilk… elixir… life… beware…


Taïga reaches for her diary, Better try to write this down correctly…

Deeply absorbed in deciphering the handwritten text, she stays until the wee hours of the night. A little frustrated she stretches. She’s been looking through the whole book, but the only notes were on the page with the drawing. Four different Cowplants, the four different points of the compass, the fourth day of the month, four o’clock when the moon is full… The instructions seems easy enough, but why four? It’s a pity we’re the 15th The old clock strikes two. So. The 16th. 4×4. That should max the power a bit now, shouldn’t it? And it’s Thursday, the fourth day of the week. She looks out the window at the full August moon, hanging low in the sky, then back at the Cowplant on Granny’s desk. Why not?


She dashes through the old mansion, silently gathering the Cowplant statues in the different rooms.

But where’s the one I brought home from Monte Vista? I’m sure it’s here somewhere. She racks her brain for a possible place it could be and she remembers seeing it – On Granny’s bedside table! She tiptoes into the bedroom her grandmother shares with her great aunt, holding her breath as Old Missy snores and mumbles in her sleep. Deftly she retrieves the statue and hurries outside to dispose it in the garden, thus completing the setting facing the four different points of the compass.


She looks over her shoulder to be sure nobody’s watching, before drawing her wand. She looks at the four tiny statues, and as the moon sets and the dawn colors the sky a warm shade of pink, she finishes the incantation…


Nothing happens. Maybe the date was important after all… Disappointed, she turns to leave when there’s a faint sound. A pink cloud surrounds the statues, hiding them from view.


The earth starts to quiver as green tentacles coils out of the cloud and into the ground. Taïga stares fixedly at the green snakelike tubes and suddenly uneasy, backs away a bit.


When the cloud dissipates, she’s a tiny bit disappointed. What the…? The four small statues have just transformed into a large one. Ugly as sin and with awful colors. No way Granny would take it inside. It would definitely spoil her attempts at decoration…


She scrutinizes the large statue.

Gosh… It’s huge! Where can we put it? Maybe we can donate it to the The Galler-E in Falls Harbor… It would sure have its place among Harwood Clay’s awful modern creations…


It looks almost real… Mmmm… It smells heavenly good. Chocolate cake, with strawberries and whipped cream… Her mouth waters as she approaches to touch the velvety nose…


… Suddenly, it attacks her! Taïga dives to the ground, inches from being devoured alive!


Panting, she backs away out of reach of the monstrous teeth. She stares at the giant “thing”. Placidly it hovers, like frozen. It seems she dreamed it just moved with the speed of a rattlesnake.


The earth shaking has awoken Granny and Missy, who come running, followed by a dazed Rowan.

‘WTF???’ He stops in his tracks and scratches his head. ‘Where did that come from?’

‘Oh My God! Is it real? I’ve only seen a genuine Laganaphyllis once, when I was little. Do you remember Tara?’

But Granny doesn’t care about the beast behind her back. She’s concentrating on Taïga, who’s never seen her grandmother as angry before.

‘You did this?’ Taïga only nods, too scared to answer. Granny continues, her voice deceivingly sweet and calm, ‘Do you know what it is? No. I didn’t think so.’ Her voice rises, ‘It’s a goddamned Laganaphyllis Simnovorii. And do you know what these things eat? Because they eat! It’s not enough to splash some water and fertilizer on these… these…’ She throws up her arms in a desperate gesture, ‘They eat people! People, Taïga! Any person who ventures within its reach is fair prey! Goddess… What have you done?’

‘Cool. A man eating blind plant…’

Granny silences Rowan with a glance. ‘This. Is. Not. Cool.’

‘Tara. It’s fantastic! You have to admit it is! And Taïga did it all alone. You have potential for the dark side, dear child. Great potential for-‘


Granny and Missy stare at each other, ‘You know it’s true, Tara. And by the way, it only eats people when it’s starving. You can feed it fish too. I’ll show you!’

Missy hurries towards the kitchen. Granny sighs and sits heavily on the bench. Suddenly she seems old and frail, and Taïga recovers her speech, ‘I did it for you, Granny.’

Granny looks up at her grandchild, ‘For me?’

‘Yes. I found an old book in the library, and there it was-’ Taïga sits next to Granny, exitedly taking her worn hands in hers. ‘-it said milk from a cowplant is a “rejuvenating nectar of life”.’

Granny squeezes Taïga’s hands. ‘It’s true. That’s also why it’s called Simnovorii – to milk it, it has to devour a sim first…’

Taïga pales, Ohmygod… What have I done?


Missy comes rushing back with the large marlin they’ve bought for Sunday dinner.

‘The whole fish?’

‘A fillet is not enough… You’ll see. Watch me.’ She waves the fish in front of the huge blind bovine head.

Slowly it turns towards Missy. It’s eerie to see how it moves almost in slow motion. It opens its mouth slightly and Taïga can see…

‘A cake? There’s a cake in there?’

Missy looks at Taïga.

‘Yes! It’s bait. To lure people closer so it-’

‘WATCH OUT!’ Rowan grabs Missy and pulls her backwards, just out of reach of the perfidious plant.

Missy straightens her robe and picks up the fish again. ‘Oh. I forgot to tell you – keep eye contact. Er… Well. Just don’t turn your back…’


Once more, she waves the fish in the air, drawing the Cowplant’s attention.

‘One… Two… Three…!’

The fish flies through the air and the Cowplant opens its jaws like a giant snake, revealing the cake -Mmmm… it looks delicious and smells even better- and gulps the marlin whole – sharp spear like snout and all… Taïga can only imagine what it would do to an unsuspecting child…


‘How can we get rid of it?’

Missy and Granny looks astonished at her. ‘But we can’t.’

‘Can’t we just let it starve?’ Rowan suggests.

‘Too long. And when it’s starving, the cake gets irresistible, and even someone in the family might get eaten…’

Taïga glares at the ugly thing, So the Cowplant is here to stay…

‘So you mean it won’t eat us?’ Rowan has that look that means he’s up to something.

Missy looks thoughtful, ‘No. Only when it’s really really hungry.’

‘Better keep it fed and happy then…’ Taïga adds unhappily.

‘Maybe we can train it… It looks peaceful enough right now,’ Rowan adds.

Missy perks up, ‘What a wonderful idea! Maybe it could be our watchdog!’ She throws a quick glance at Taïga, ‘I don’t mean we should get rid of Valkyria or something, but she’s getting old and until now she’s only bitten the postman.’

‘Don’t tell me you want to get rid of Mr. Michaels?’ Granny is appalled.

‘No. Of course not. But if there’s someone really dangerous in the vicinity…’

Granny arches a brow and Missy mouths exaggeratedly Magnus Darkling. Tentatively she pets the ugly head, ‘I think he likes it…’

‘Yeah! Sure. Like any domestic animal!’ Rowan grins at Taïga.

Or a ruthless henchman… But Taïga holds her tongue…

‘Taïga. Let’s continue this in my study,’ Granny leaves without looking at Taïga.

Rowan holds up his hand, fingers crossed, mouthing ‘good luck’. Yeah. I’ll need that…

Granny takes place in behind her desk, a sure way to make Taïga realize the seriousness of what’s about to come. An hour later she joins Rowan, Peaches and Bud in the attic. ‘Just don’t ask any questions. I don’t want to talk about it – yet.’


Taïga is awaken by the distant shrill sound of the phone ringing in the study. She squints at her alarm clock. Nine a.m. She sighs and pulls the sheets over her head to shut out the sunlight. If I try hard enough I might catch on to the dream I just…

A knock on the door, and Missy peeks in. ‘Taïga? Are you awake?’

‘I am now…’ she mutters.

‘Phone for you. It’s Loki.’

Taïga’s voice is muffled, ‘Tell him I’ll call back.’

‘As you wish…’ Missy retreats, closing the door on her last words, ‘He’s back home by the way. As a matter of fact, he’s on his way here.’

Taïga throws back the sheets and stares at the ceiling. Loki. Is. Back. Fuck! What will I tell him? Fuckfuckfuck.


She swings her legs over the edge of the bed and strides briskly into the bathroom.

She looks at her scared face in the mirror, ‘Here’s to hiding from your problems.’ God knows why ostriches aren’t an endangered species… or maybe they are…

Deep down she hopes she’ll feel something when she sees Loki again -a spark of electricity, some butterflies in her stomach… Something that tells her she won’t have to hurt him…


She’s still in the shower when the doorbell chimes. Granny welcomes Loki and shows him to the tiny winter garden, politely chatting about the West Coast until Taïga shows up, her damp hair rapidly braided into two tangled plaits..

‘Here she is. I’ll leave you two, you must have a lot to catch up on.’

She stops with her back to the door, waiting a second, straining to hear what’s being said on the other side. I can’t leave them both alone in there. Taïga might need help to handle poor lovesick Loki… I’ll bring them some homemade lemonade… She walks briskly out of the den.


Taïga hesitates, suddenly awkward. Loki drinks her in –God, I forgot how beautiful she is!– and as soon as Granny’s closed the door behind her he strides towards her to kiss her. To his surprise, she turns chastely her cheek. He frowns, but doesn’t want to push her. They haven’t seen each other since last winter, after all.

She sits on the stone bench and looks up at him. ‘So… You’re back?’

‘Yeah. Dad tied up his business early.’ He sits on the bench next to her, but not too close. It feels like being close to a wild animal –a sudden movement, and it will flee… She’s so silent… ‘What are you thinking about?’

‘Nothing… You look… good. Taller.’

Loki’s face lights up with a broad smile, ‘It was sunny on the West Coast!’ He reaches for her hands. ‘Nice ring.’

Taïga blushes a little, pulling back her hand, ‘It’s antique. Now tell me about yourself. What have you been up to all summer?’

Loki reaches for her right hand, playing with her cool fingers, telling her about his summer with his dad, finally Loki reaches for her right hand, playing with her cool fingers, telling her about his summer with his dad, finally dropping the bomb about his family’s move to Starlight Shores in September..

‘Oh.’ She looks at his fingers stroking the back of her hand like hypnotized.

Oh. That’s all she has to say? Oh???


A sudden movement catches his eyes. ‘What was that?’

Taïga tries to retain him, but he’s already up, pulling at the large sunflowers to get a better view of the beastly plant in the garden. Taïga doesn’t really know how to explain the Cowplant. Better go for the truth… ‘It’s a Laganaphyllis Simnovorii. A Cowplant.’

‘Cowplant? That thing out there is a plant?’ Realization hits him, ‘Like this one?’

Taïga nods and Loki suddenly lets go of the sunflower, backing away from it with an expression on his face that makes Taïga laugh. ‘Don’t worry, that one won’t eat you!’

‘Because that beastly thing out there might?’

‘Probably…’ she murmurs under her breath.

Loki stares out at the large bovine head, gently swaying in the breeze, ‘It’s amazing… Where did you get it?’

Granny pushes open the door carrying a tray with lemonade, ‘I’m sorry to barge in like this, but as you can see my hands are full.’

The smile slowly fades from her face when she sees Loki at the window, a perplex expression on his face.

‘Oh. You’ve seen my latest acquisition, haven’t you? It’s a carnivorous plant from the Amazonas… Or was it New Guinea?.. Whatever! It’s rather exotic, isn’t it? And very fragile, better not get near it. We’ll build a greenhouse especially for it…’

Taïga pours a glass of lemonade, You bet we will. A metalclad, shellproof greenhouse…

‘Have you ever been to South-America? No? I went to Buenos Aires when I was about 25. Such a lovely town…’ Granny chatters on, expertly changing the subject…


Today is the big day -the grand piano will be delivered…Granny and Missy have talked about it for a while, knowing Taïga played the piano when she was in France, and maybe music would open her up some. Granny looks disapprovingly at the three teens lounging in the den, adventuring the surprise effect of the new object. Rowan is showing Linn his new fancy school in Monte Vista on his iPad and Taïga is deeply engrossed in Tolkien’s “The return of the King”, Minuit playing at her feet. Since the memorial, the cat hasn’t left her side, hissing at anyone trying to come too close – including Valkyria.

Granny claps her hands to get their attention, ‘You can’t just sit around here all day. Why don’t you get some fresh air?’


‘Fresh air? It must be at least 100 degrees…’ Rowan murmurs.

But Granny doesn’t let go, ‘Right. So why don’t you go to Silver Sands? As usual.’

‘I got a flat tyre.’ Taïga volunteers, throwing Granny a glance before returning her attention to the book.

Granny taps her teeth with her finger. ‘Oh. We’ll go to the bike shop next time we go into town…’

Missy stops in the door frame on her way to the kitchen, ‘Juan can probably repair it. He’s quite handy,’ she gushes. ‘Why don’t we all go to the beach? It’s been ages since we last went!’


Granny and Missy are not usually beach people. Even with the ongoing heat wave, Granny wasn’t sure Missy’s idea was that good. But they had to get the teens out of the house somehow, and with Juan promising to come over supervising the piano delivery, Granny finally accepts to come along. The girls wanted to go to the Surfer Hot Spot on the South Beach, but the old ladies insisted on taking them to the new pool installation that opened earlier this year.

‘But it’s so much funnier on the beach!’

‘Yeah… Checking out all those ripped surfers, right? Stupid six packs with no brains.’ Rowan teases.

Linn taps his arms playfully, ‘You’re just jealous because you can’t surf!’

‘Or because you believe you’ve got a brain!’ Taïga adds, quickly avoiding Rowan reaching for her.

‘Listen. We don’t have much room in the car for everything we’d need for the beach, and Bellevue Beach Pools supplies everything! Just think of bringing your swimsuits.’

End of discussion. They all pile into the car.

‘Are you sure this is legal?’ Linn whispers, moving over so Taïga and Rowan can squeeze into the almost nonexistent back seat.

‘Probably not.’ Taïga sighs as Rowan leans over her to ask Linn if she’s got her cell, ‘Where’s yours?’

‘Bud borrowed it – he had some calls to make about his army project.’ He returns his attention to Linn who tends him her cell. ‘It’s OK, just text Loki to see what he’s up to. I need another guy around, as I suppose you two won’t leave your deck chairs…’

He winks at Linn who blushes. If she wasn’t interested in Teddy, maybe… She fumbles with her cell, “WRU?”

‘What does he say?’ Taïga leans in to see the screen.

‘He’s already at the Beach Pools with his parents and kid sister, waiting for us to rescue him!’

Taïga smiles. She knows what a pain his little sister can be…

The cell pings, ‘Oh. Donald and Tyler are just arriving… With Ibtihal and Ghana!’

‘Who’s Ghana?’

‘Ghana Washington? She’s Kenye Washington’s daughter. The Music Talent Scout, you know. I think you met her at Ana’s party on New Year’s Eve.

‘The dark girl with those huge eyes who didn’t talk to anyone, just spent the evening texting?’

‘That’s her! I’m surprised you remember her, you were so busy with Loki…’

‘Just stop it, will you. Kenye Washington… His name seems familiar.’

Linn googles him, ‘He was roadie for Big Daddy for a couple of years. Then he went on to play the guitar with… OMG.’

‘Who? Show me?’ Taïga eyes the cell. ‘Mookie Blaylock???’

Linn looks expectantly at her, ‘DeAndre Wolfe.’

Exasperated she taps her palm against her head. ‘How stupid of me. They broke up the band and DeAndre Wolfe continued a solo career. Wow. He’s a legend.’

‘Yeah. I love DeAndre Wolfe… I’m a huge fan!’

‘I think Kenye is the stupid guy here,’ Rowan intervenes, ‘If he hadn’t left the band, he’d be a billionaire by now…’

‘I think he’s doing quite well, scouting for talent. SimmyC got a brand new Mustang for his 16th birthday.’ Linn adds.

‘Yeah. And he crashed it a week after.’ Rowan says.

‘Really? Was he hurt? You never mentioned it?’

‘Nah. He just went to fast on the way home from Château de Richebois…’

They pile out of the car, ‘Was he drunk?’

‘Well, he brags about it at school… But I think it’s just attitude.’ She imitates SimmyC, rapping, ‘Yo. Look at meee, bad boy drunk drivin’ at sixteeeen.’ Taïga laughs, ‘You should be an actress, Linn…’

3D – 03 - Bellevue Beach Pools

Bellevue Beach Pools – even the name has a classy ring to it. It’s built by the same architect who created the Lagoon View Pools in Sunlit Tides, and Nat Kempinsky hopes to make it “a first class attraction accessible to everyone”

3D – 09 - Bellevue Beach Pools

They spread out the fluffy beach towels they’ve collected upon arrival and the old sisters settle in two comfy deckchairs on sundeck, while Rowan chases Taïga and Linn towards the farthest pool where you can already hear laughing and splashing from the teenagers fooling around.

‘This is soo good.’ Missy leans back and closes her eyes.

Granny shades her eyes and squints towards the farthest pool, ‘With the sun in my eyes I can’t see them.’

‘Let go, Tara. Rowan and Linn are with her and they all swim perfectly well. Taïga needs some time away from us. Some distraction will do her good…’

Granny doesn’t answer. She knows Missy is right – for once. But the need to protect her grandchild is tugging at her insides.

3D – 08 - Bellevue Beach Pools

Missy admires the view, ‘You could almost believe we’re in Sunlit Tides… I think I’m going to get myself one of those cocktails with an umbrella!’ She signals for one of the waiters hovering. ‘A Piña Colada, please. No, make that two! And don’t forget the umbrellas.’

Granny turns her disapproving gaze at Missy, ‘Two? Is that reasonable?’

Missy looks contrite, ‘Well. You can have one… Oh!’

Her attention is drawn by two perfectly tanned women arriving, wearing tiny bikinis. They are accompanied by a plain girl with glasses, fully dressed and self-consciously hugging herself.

Missy is more than happy to change the subject, ‘Look at the Caliente sisters!’

Granny forces an eye open, faking interest.

Missy sighs wistfully, ‘That’s how I’d love to look…’

‘I’m sure Juan would love that.’ Granny adds tartly.

‘I’m certain they are fake anyway.’


‘It spells hot-shot surgeon Rupert Campbell-Black all over their perfect boobs…’

The waiter brings the drinks and a huge beach umbrella. Deftly he replaces the umbrella already shading the sisters, ‘Here you are, ladies. Just call me if you need something else…?’

‘Thank you…’ Granny stifles a giggle.

‘Did you see that? I just wanted a tiny umbrella in my drink…’

3D – 07 - Bellevue Beach Pools

Their attention is drawn towards Dina and Nina again, as Don Lothario shows up… ‘Do you think there’s something going on between them?’

Granny sips her drink, ‘Delicious… I’m sorry. You said?’

‘I was just wondering if Don Lothario is… You know, romantically involved with one of the sisters-’ She looks naughtily at Granny, ‘-or with both of them!’

‘Missy!’ Granny splutters, quickly straightening her drink.

‘Well. It’s just a theory.’ Missy takes a healthy gulp and continues, ‘It wouldn’t surprise me, though…’

Granny dabs at the moisture on her bathing suit with her hand, ‘The three of them?’

Missy nods emphatically. ‘Yes,’ she lowers her voice and leans in towards her sister, ‘I’ve heard from Bridget Douglas – or was it Darla?’ She frowns, ‘Anyway, it comes from a very reliable source. You see, around Easter…’

They continue gossiping…


Jayler and Tess are just arriving after first checking out the South Beach. Spotting sight of Taïga, he lets go of Tess’ hand and throws his beach towel into her arms. Showing off, he sprints towards the pool, and dives into the water.


He emerges, shaking water from his long hair. Surreptitiously he checks if Taïga saw him, but she’s deep in conversation with Rowan… And Loki.

He’s moving this fall aka they’ll break up, so why is he drawing out the inevitable? Just a waste of time, if you ask me.

But nobody is asking him.

3D – 05 - Bellevue Beach Pools

He looks around and his gaze falls on Linn, timidly testing the water with her toes.

‘Hey, Linn! Can you give me a hand, will ya’?’

Linn looks surprised at him, ‘Sure.’

She bends over slightly and reaches for his outstretched hand, squealing with outrage as he yanks her into the water.


Taïga can’t help herself, but the sight of Linn’s surprised expression cracks her up…

‘Thanks Jayler! She’d never got into the pool without you!’

Linn splutters, ‘And you’re supposed to be my BFF!?!’


Jayler beams. ‘Wanna join her?’ He splashes some water in her direction.

‘Don’t push your luck, bro’ Rowan glares at him.

But Jayler’s on a roll, feeling incredible about succeeding in putting a smile onto Taïga’s melancholy face. He just grins and swims off, looking for his next “victim”. He’s is having the time of his life, fooling around with all the girls and making Tess incredibly jealous…


The light white curtains flutter in the evening breeze, carrying the smell of magnolias and honeysuckle into the study where Taïga sits curled up on the large windowsill. She has taken up writing a diary, finding a strange relief exorcising her pain on the blank sheets.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do

To have just one more chance

To look into your eyes and see you looking back…

She sings her newly written poem in her head, humming a soft melody. Maybe I should play the guitar again…

She bites her pen, frowning slightly. She’s been writing since they returned from the beach, but the oppressive humidity makes her restless. She puts away her writing gear and stretches, pushing the window open wide.


Through the high-pitched buzz of the cicadas, she can hear Granny and Missy talking with low voices on the porch downstairs.

She wonders where Rowan could be… Probably holed up with the IF’s, conspiring… She decides to join her grandmother and great aunt for a glass of fresh lemonade before going to bed. When she walks past the landing, she stops. A grand piano is looming in the shadows and intrigued Taïga approaches. A piano? When did it get there? She lets her fingers run lightly over the black wooden case, intensely studying the sheet music propped up. The complicated notes of one of Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsodies look like a work of art. Briefly her thoughts stray to St Sim’s Art School and she wonders what has become of Louis St Clair…


Christina Aguilera – Hurt

Taïga slides down onto the bench and dries her hands on her shorts. Uncertainly her fingers caress the keys. She strikes a note, then another. The piano is perfectly tuned.

The sad notes of the song* she just composed fills the room and Taïga’s voice comes out first like a whisper,

Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face,

then stronger and stronger – putting all her emotions into the song.

If only I knew what I know today Ohhh ohhh

I would hold you in my arms

I would take the pain away

Thank you for all you’ve done

Forgive all your mistakes

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do

To hear your voice again

Sometimes I want to call you, but I know you won’t be there

Granny and Missy look at each other over their mint juleps as the music waft through the open French windows upstairs.

If I had just one more day, I would tell you how much that I’ve missed you since you’ve been away

Oh, it’s dangerous

It’s so out of line to try to turn back time

Taïga plays for hours, a sad song following another, not stopping until her voice is raw and the night sky changes into a light pink, announcing the dawn…


When Linn comes to visit the next afternoon, she finds Taïga and Rowan in the den, playing the piano and singing. She leans against the wall, admiring the siblings.

‘C’mon, Linn. Sing with us!’

Linn blushes, ‘I sound like a lawnmower… except you can tune a lawnmower!’ She laughs a little embarrassed. ‘I’m perfectly happy just listening to you both.’

Taïga moves over and pats the bench next to her, ‘You don’t want to sing? Well, play the piano with me then…’

Linn obliges happily…

Part II – End of Chapter 23

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      2. Yeah, or just deleting it – lol! But I made it more complex in my story, like it would poison the grounds where it has grown if you just let it die (or kill it!) :#

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