Chapters 16 – 29

Midnight Hollow aka Vulturu in the Transylvanian Mountains, Romania

Midnight Hollow, or rather Vulturu as I preferred calling it in my story, is an EA world from the store:

“Under the subdued sky in a deep valley in Transylvania, surrounded by the Carpathian Mountain range, never reached by the sun’s rays, cut off from the exterior world, lies the century-old Victorian town of Midnight Hollow. There are art galleries, vintage furniture boutiques and showrooms run by eccentric Sims.”

What life will Granny and Taïga make in a town where creativity and individuality are at the center of it all? And why are everyone wearing gloves?

I found the world extremely gloomy, and didn’t discover BrntWaffles’ Midnight Dream Lighting Mod and Aminova’s Midnight Hollow Plant Overrides for the world until I had already left it… Hence the winter pics, which were so much easier on my eyes!

Old Missy’s House – 46 Breach Bend



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