Cast of Characters

Toma Balcescu – Vulturu, Transylvanian Mountains, Romania, Europe

Teenage Tom works for Old Missy Grey, taking care of the garden and sometimes helping Taïga with her homework.

Rune Blackwood – Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Shasta’s father and Granny’s ex-lover – up until his death in an unfortunate accident.

Buddy and Peaches

Shasta’s old ragdoll, Buddy, taken over by Taïga, and Rowan’s cherished Peaches. Two imaginary friends, come alive.

Giovanni “Goopy” Gils Carbo – Monte Aquila di Valle, Tuscany, Italy

Goopy Gils Carbo1

Goopy’s real name is Giovanni, but everyone knows him as Goopy because he can be a tad rude sometimes… He lives with his parents in Monte Aquila, where he met Taïga during her first summer break at the Di Grisogno’s.

Cipriana Costa – Monte Aquila di Valle, Tuscany, Italy

Cipriana Costa1

Cipriana is the eldest daughter of Monte Aquila di Valle’s king of crime, Dante Costa. She usually hangs out with Goopy, who loves to run errands for her father. She is also Taïga’s Italian friend who she hangs out with during her holidays.

Magnus Darkling – Eiríksstaðir, Iceland, Europe

Magnus Darkling1

Handsome Magnus Darkling is an old vampire of Viking origin. He has a grudge against the Grey witches ever since they killed and captured the spirit of his maker. He has sworn to eliminate the Grey’s, but also to make them suffer. Will the fact that he is Taïga’s father change things?

Magnus Darkling is based upon a sim I downloaded quite a while ago – I’m sorry but I can’t remember who his creator is…

Skin – navetsea’s Adult Hairy4 nondefault

Eyes – Pralinesims’ Autumn Glam Eyes

Hair Cazy 86 Demonic

BeardR2M Creation Beard N04 

Count Leonardo Di Grisogno dell’Aquila of Monte Aquila di Valle, Tuscany, Italy

Count Leonardo Di Grisogno1

Leonardo is extremely wealthy and well mannered. He married Shasta Grey to get a son and heir to the ancient title. He is besotted with his wife, but he is also a terrible womanizer, having trouble letting go of his bachelor years.

His family owns vineyards all over Italy and France, but Leonardo has always preferred living out his dreams and thus becoming a famous magician – The Dazzler. Which was easy, as he’s also one of  the Old Continent’s last Warlocks…

Seeing his playboy son advance in age without settling down and without getting a son and heir, Leonardo’s father made a pact with a demon on his death bed. The Di Grisogno’s warlock lineage needed to be assured and the price to pay would be Leonardo’s second son. The old man didn’t count on his son falling in love with a witch, who supposedly only can have one child…

It is extremely rare for a witch to have a son. Add the witch’s curse of only having one child… Shasta almost lost her life, giving birth to Rowan but the demon claimed its due. Leonardo had to ensure the deliverance of a second son who finally cost his beloved wife her life.*

*Part I – Chapter 60

Count Leonardo Di Grisogno1 Shasta Grey - Di Grisogno1

Count Leonardo Di Grisogno dell’Aquila and Shasta Grey (deceased) have three children together. Rowan, the legitimate heir to the Di Grisogno dell’Aquila title and fortune, and the twins Frost and Willow.

Rowan Di Grisogno dell’Aquila

Rowan Di Grisogno - Toddler1

Rowan Di Grisogno - Child1

Rowan Di Grisogno - Teen (3)

Rowan Di Grisogno dell’Aquila is Shasta’s second child and firstborn son with Count Leonardo Di Grisogno dell’Aquila. The legitimate heir to the title and Taïga’s half brother. It is extremely rare for a witch to give birth to a son, and even more exceptional when the father is also a Warlock. Add to this his conception on a midsummer night with a full moon during a pagan wedding ceremony and you have a little boy who, in spite of being a second born, will probably grow up to be an extremely powerful Warlock one day…

Frost Di Grisogno dell’AquilaFrost - Toddler2

Frost, Taïga and Rowan’s half brother, is the spawn of an evil demon, Irdu Lilu, the Incubus. He was born to Shasta and Leonardo Di Grisogno dell’Aquila, but Shasta was drugged and raped by the incubus in the early stages of pregnancy.. She was then maintained under powerful spells during the rest of her pregnancy. The child was offered to the demon at his birth, and didn’t look very well as a baby and toddler. That’s why nobody got to see him. Leonardo saw to it his ears were taken care of by his dear friend, Dr. Simano himself, at the Simano Sanatorium in Monte Aquila di Valle. As Frost grew extremely fast, his skin color progressively got more and more “human” and he learned to shift his eye color. Spending most time in the undergrounds of Hell with the incubus, he visits his father Leonardo once in a while. Nobody knows about his twin sister, Willow.

Frost - Child 2

Frost - Teen2

Willow Di Grisogno dell’Aquila

Willow Di Grisogno - Child 1

Willow Di Grisogno 1

There are no pictures of Willow as a toddler. She was saved by two fairies immediately after Shasta’s death, and brought up to become a member of  Tuatha Dé Danann…

Part I – Chapter 60

Ellen Janssen – Danish au Pair, Monte Aquila di Valle, Italy, Europe

Ellen is the Di Grisogno’s Danish Au Pair girl. Only qualified because of Rowan’s instant liking to her after she saved him from falling into the fountain, she’s a non-believer of the occult. She adores taking care of charming little Rowan.

Jennifer Doe – Vulturu, Transylvanian Mountains, Romania, Europe

Jennifer Doe

Her birth name is Crina Elena Maria Ionescu, but she wants so badly to be considered American that she insists on being called Jennifer Doe. She tells anyone who listens the tragic story about her father, an American marine killed in Iraq. Even if there is some doubt as to the identity of her genitor, her mother is born and raised in Transylvania and her two siblings have each a different father.

Nobody knows where Jennifer’s interest in the occult comes from as nothing mysterious seems to be happening at her place. But… Didn’t their house use to have a basement?

Cade Farrow

Cade Farrow 2 (2)

Cade Farrow is a werewolf who helps Derek rescue his father from the Dementé Insanatorium overrun by zombies.

You’ll find this eye candy at Eden’s Sims (Eden777), who I personally think creates the most handsome, masculine looking sims ever! Just click on his name and he’ll take you there…

If you prefer, here he is on The Sims 3  site

Part II- Chapters 17 and 18

Mitchell Flynn – Vulturu, Transylvanian Mountains, Romania, Europe

Mitchell Flynn1

Mitchell is a rich orphan who came to Vulturu with his siblings to live with their uncle. A “C” student, he’s totally obsessed with the occult and of becoming a witch.

Melissa “Missy” Grey

Old Missy Grey (3)

Old Missy is Granny’s younger sister. They were quite close when they were children, but their relation got strained when Missy as a teenager became interested in the love of Granny’s life…

Tyler Hale – Crooked Bayou Swamp in Fairview Heights, Twin Towns, SC, USA

Tyler Hale, Fatma's son1

Tyler lives with his mother, an illegal immigrant, in the trailer park on the outskirts of the infamous Bayou. He’s a C-student, regularly skipping school and tagging the town with his friends Jayler Moroni, Darryl and – lo and behold – upper class Tess Ashcroft. But he’s quite good with music and plays lead guitar in the group “IDC”. A secret admirer of Taïga, he dreams of getting an opportunity to date her.

Leann Moreland – Vulturu, Transylvanian Mountains, Romania, Europe

Leann Moreland1

Daughter of two British researchers of Transylvanian folktales (aka vampires), Leann is kind, cute and caring but she lacks personality. Her friends want to become witches, so she supposes she would like that too…

Jayler Moroni – Falls Harbor, Twin Towns, SC, USA

Jayler Moroni1

Jayler ‘s grandfather is Falls Harbor’s dreaded godfather – Don Moroni. He might be old but he still rules the city with an iron hand, keeping his illegal business running smoothly. Jayler aims to take over when the time comes, so why bother about school? It’s more fun hanging in the Bayou with Tyler and his friends. He’s successful with girls – what he lacks in good looks is made up by an irresistible hint of bad boy. He’s intimidated by Taïga though, she’s probably the only girl he hasn’t succeded charming into bed yet. Now he’s going for second best, Tess Ashcroft, the mayors daughter. Just for the hell of it…

Regner Murder

Regner Murder

Regner Murder is the Beta in Dwayne Wolff’s pack, having taken Cade Farrow’s place when the latter went AWOL six years ago on a mission.

This handsome hunk is a creation of FL Club.

Part II – Chapter 18

Loki Simmingway – Fairview Heights, Twin Towns, SC, USA

Loki Simmingway1

Loki Simmingway is Taïga’s first real boyfriend. Friends since they were kids, he declares his love on the night before she goes to APYR for the rest of the school year… The personification of the gentle boy next door, he’s struggling between his famous father’s secrets and his über kind mother’s ignorance. And why is his sweet Taïga suddenly becoming distant?

Linn Valström – Falls Harbor, Twin Towns, SC, USA

Linn Valström1

Linn is Taïga’s BFF since they met a few years ago in elementary school, both being newcomers. Linn’s adoptive father, Viktor Valquist, had finally decided to leave his job as a ballot counter in Hafnarfjörður on Iceland, and join the love of his life -award winning photographer Jesper Sandström– in the City. Her fathers love her unconditionally but Linn harbors nevertheless the secret wish of finding her biological mother who just might live in Falls Harbor, too…

Linn’s hair: Newseas j187 Sleep Alone

Teddy Vargas – Bigwood Falls, WA, USA

Derek’s little brother from the future. Clumsy, kind and a couch potato, Teddy struggles with his chubbiness since childhood. Derek loves him but is also jealous of his easy manners and likability. Especially when it comes to his closeness with Taïga.



Taïga and IDC, from left to right :

Loki Simmingway – Loki’s father is the famous writer, Ernest Simmingway. As charming as his father and a good student, he’s not part of the band, but as you’ll find him wherever Taïga is, he’s on the picture!

Tess Ashcroft – Her name should ring a bell as her father is the mayor of Falls Harbor. Upper class, groomed to perfection, she’s madly in love with Jayler – even though his criminal family and hers are enemies. She hates Taïga because of Jayler’s interest in her, but also because of Taïga’s talent. She can’t stand Linn either… In fact, she can’t stand any girls => competition!

Jayler Moroni – The oldest member of IDC, Jayler is 18. More interested in bedding girls than in music, Jayler is IDC’s manager. But since Taïga joined the band, he’s hanging around at all their repetitions – driving Tess and Linn to desperation!

Darryl Donald – Darryl lives alone with his two siblings (Shantel and Elton) since their parents died in a tragic accident two years ago. He keeps the social workers at bay thanks to his job at the grocery store, which pays the bills while he nourishes dreams of fame.

Tyler Hale – Youngest member of the group, only 15 like Taïga. He lives in the trailer park with his mother, an illegal immigrant. Read his story here!

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