*01-37 Alastar Has Arisen


Dark Music – The Sealed Kingdom by Adrian von Ziegler

Potestas inferna, me confirma. Potestas inferna, me confirma. Potestas inferna, me confirma!

Alastair, 4.10 Heaven and Hell

Mitchell is meeting with the girls outside the graveyard late on a Thursday night with a full moon.

While Taïga is spending her holidays in Sunny Monte Vista, her friends back in Midnight Hollow haven’t been sitting around idling. They have finally captured a black cat, and decided to go ahead with their little experiment…

The tombstones cast long shadows, and they don’t talk much as they set up everything for the ritual. Jen ticks everything off her check list while Leann draws a pentagon with salt.

‘Full Moon – check. Black cat – check…’


Little do they know about what took place here during the Easter holidays, when Granny and Old Missy unleashed unknown spiritual forces to eradicate the menace of a Zombie invasion…*

Would the knowledge of the doors to the underworld being partly opened after Hecate’s appearance at the very same spot, have stopped the kids from doing what they’re about to do? Probably not…

*Part I – Chapter 23

Mitchell put the dazed cat down on the ground in front of the statue.

‘Quick! Let’s get started before it jumps out of the pentagon!’

The three kids join hands and start saying the spell:

‘The spirit of a ghost from Hell

Please come and let me ring a bell

I need a friend who give me supernatural actions

be my gaurdian, my friend, my brother

please, please, mote it be,

I invite you O prince Alastar, to remain with me.’

Nothing happens.

Jen scratches her head, ‘It doesn’t seem to work…’

‘I’m scared. I want to go home.’ Leann whines.

Mitchell looks at the cat. ‘At least the cat hasn’t budged… Let’s try again. Leann… Jen… give me your hands.’

They join hands and chant once again:

The spirit of a ghost from Hell…

Suddenly the surrounding air buzzes with electricity and blue sparkles appear from the center of the pentagon, surrounding the cat…

Frightened, the three friends let go of each other’s hands and step back from the sizzling blue bolts.

‘Don’t stop chanting!’ Mitchell urges. ‘Widen the circle. We must continue the spell!’

Hesitatingly they reach out to hold hands but a sudden blast of light makes the kids take a few more steps back. Only Jen continues the invoking with a firm voice…

‘Do you think the cat will fry?’ Leann whispers, ‘I didn’t want to kill it…’

‘I don’t know…’ Mitchell swallows, staring at the form of the cat surrounded by blazing light.

Petrified by fear, they stare at a shape forming in the center of the intense rays of light. Progressively even Jen’s voice falters and gets quiet…

‘… I invite you, oooh…’ She swallows and takes a step closer to Mitchell.

‘This might not have been such a good idea…’

Slowly they start to back away from the menacing silhouette surrounded by fading flames…

‘Run! RUN!’

The three of them turn on their heels and sprints away from the evil spirit, as the flames dies, liberating him.

Alastar Demon1

But Alastar* doesn’t follow the frightened children. He rubs his hands, watching them scurry away.

‘Mwah mwah mwah! Finally freed! At last…’

*Supernaturals – Demons

‘Now, what do we have here?’ Carefully Alastar lifts the black cat, which is no one but Minuit, and pets her.

‘Oh… you’re a witch’s cat, now aren’t you? That’s why those stupid kids could set me free…’

Minuit purrs and her red eyes gleam malevolently in the dark for a second, before returning to their usual yellow.

‘Now show me where you come from, little cat. We better take care of your mistress before she puts me back where I came from!’

The children keep running towards the exit.

‘Mitch! Do something!’ Jen asks out of breath.

‘Just shut up and run!’

They run all the way to the old observatory without a backwards glance. After making sure they’re not being followed, Jen and Mitch continue arguing.

‘Why did you make us do this, Mitchell!?!’

‘C’mon Jen. YOU wanted to do it as much as me!’

‘You talked me into it!’

‘You didn’t need much persuading…’ Mitchell murmurs to himself.

‘It was YOUR idea!’

‘No, Jen! It was yours!’

‘It wasn’t! … Leann! Tell him it wasn’t my idea! … LEANN!?!’

But Leann is just standing there, staring straight in front of her with unseeing eyes.

‘Are you OK, Leann?’ Tentatively Mitchell lays a hand on her shoulder.

‘No… I want to go home.’

‘Yeah, I want to go home too… But there’s a Demon out there, probably waiting to do something horrible to us!’

‘We must find a safe hiding place!’ Jen adds.

‘But I want to go home to my mom!’

Leann starts crying. Jen and Mitchell look at each other.

You started it…’ Jen mumbles.

Mitchell grinds his teeth and walks over to their crying friend. ‘Don’t cry, Leann. We’ll find a way out of this… situation…’

‘Oh Mitch. I’m so scared…’ she hiccups. ‘What… what will happen now? Maybe he will kill the whole town?’ She draws her breath and snivels, ‘Did you see his teeth?’

‘Yeah… and he had claws – sharp black claws…’

Leann shudders and starts crying uncontrollably.

Mitchell turns towards Jen and whispers. ‘Make her stop crying! Please.’

But Jen stares at Leann over his shoulder, ‘What the-’

He spins around and sees Leann texting with trembling hands.

‘Hey! What are you doing?’

‘I’m ca-ca-calling the… the police!’

‘The police? Are you crazy?’

Leann stops texting.

‘C’mon, Leann. You know we can’t call the police…’

‘But we have to do something, Mitchell – warn everyone!’

‘Oh yeah? And who would believe us?’ Jen says mockingly. ‘Are we just going to walk into the police station and tell them we brought a black cat to the cemetery to call on a Demon so we could become witches and then, oh miracle, the dang Demon showed up???’

‘I want my mom! She will tell us how to get rid of that… that thing…’ Leann says stubbornly.

‘Didn’t you say there was no way getting rid of a demon?’ Mitchell asks.

‘I only told you what I found in my parents notes…’

‘Yeah, and it distinctly said only a powerful witch could get rid of a materialized demon.’

Jen breaks in, ‘I remember that. And you, Mitchell, said we were going to get rid of him with our joint powers once he had given us the “gift” of witchcraft!’

Leann hiccups and stares at them with huge terrorized eyes, ‘So… Are we?’

Both Jen and Mitch stares back with puzzled looks.

She looks from Mitchell to Jen and back to Mitchell again, drying a tear.

‘Witches?’ she gulps. ‘Are we witches now?’

Back at the grave yard, Alastar vanishes in a haze of electricity. There’s not a trace of him left apart from Minuit, the black cat who purring licks her paws, gleaming red eyes glinting in the dark…


Part I – End of Chapter 37

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      1. The demon isn’t positive maybe he’ll use the children to do what he wants now. That’s extremely dangerous and nobody will save them now Granny and her sister left.

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