The Grey Witches 8!

Time flies… I just got a reminder from WordPress that it has already been 8 years (!!!) since I first published the Grey Witches on my blog. I had already posted this story on the old TS3 site, but the poor quality of the pictures made me try to find a better alternative.

Most old pictures have been replaced by ones using poses, and the whole first part has been re-written, added to, and generally become more readable than my first attempts at writing.

A great thanks to those who have been following since the beginning, and to those who have taken the time to read about this family of witches and their adventures!

3 thoughts on “The Grey Witches 8!

  1. I can’t believe 2014 was 8 years ago! Congrats on your blogiversary! Though I guess you’ve been writing the Grey Witches tale for even longer, considering you started out on the TS3 site.

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